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Do you find yourself thinking more about your past, present or future?

Not about past. What make sense worrying about past. But Present & Future sometimes.

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What single piece of technology makes your life easier?

Only one answer. Its Internet. Can you imagine a without that !!!!!

Do you think it is right to keep wild animals in a zoo?

No. Everything is God creation & Everything have RIGHT to Live on earth. Unfortunately humans conquering all with pride. thats not good.
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What YouTube video made you laugh recently?

Its been couple of months ago , I watched YouTube Videos. when I m free I turn to 'Just for Laughs' Prank Shows.
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Are you the kind of person who wants to be the big fish in a little pond or the little fish in the big pond?

I wanna do the best but I don't wish others to get jealous on me. I want a nice and innocent friendship with every one. so I don't mind If I m the little fish in the big
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