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Suggest good books

- Homo sapiens by yuval harrari
- Homo deus by yuval harrari
- 21 lessons for 21st century by harari
- the god delusion by richard dawkins
- the selfish gene by dawkins
- in search of schrodingers cat
- 1984 by george orwell
- animal farm by george orwell
- kite runner by khalid hossini
- thousand splendid suns by khaled hossieni
- god of small things arundhati roy
i have so many more but im too lazy to type

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why? (?)

Syed Hamzah
because its child abuse and brainwashing, They have no control if they want to believe what their guardians believe and they have to believe what they believe or else they will face punishment in some way. You should let your kids believe what they want to believe and not rap them in hijabs when they’re 4 years old and make them believe that god is good.

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