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Als je een dier zou kunnen zijn, welk dier zou je dan willen zijn? En waarom? 🦓🦑🦍🐟🐢🦋🦄🦅🐣


Curiosità Generale II: Cosa trovi attraente in una persona? Qual è quella cosa che ti colpisce a primo impatto?

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english please I don't understand what you saying?

Waarom zit tegenwoordig overal velvet in? Ik kwam deze week velvet croissantjes tegen bij de jumbo.

Is lekker toch?

how R things?? 🤩

Couldn't be better these days you only see fake people on this app it's been like this for a long time

Do you have tattoos / piercings? Do you like them or not? Are you planning to make some? If so, where? If you want, post a photo. (To be done or already done) Of course, if you want, also explain the meaning 😋

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No I might want a belly button piercing
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