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ppl r making jokes about the submarine making memes ppl died yo like come on

Right? It's so weird that they feel a need to rush to the internet to crack jokes about people dying. I know people often use humor to cope with things and that's fine, but these people are obviously just doing it for the clout and it's messed up. I feel awful for the friends and family of the deceased who have to see all of it.

Does anyone see a problem with a woman being hypersexual and partying a lot?

dumbridee’s Profile PhotoDumbRi91 Dee
No, as long as she's being safe and she isn't harming anyone I don't see an issue.
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It’s as if some people really want me to always be nice but what if I don’t have it in me to always be agreeable and nice? Sometimes I want to be feisty and that shouldn’t be a problem, right?

There isn't a single person out there who can be pleasant all the time. It's natural to experience a wide range of emotions.

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why do people add their pronouns in their bio? as if we can't tell if your male or female just by looking at you

It's impossible to be able to accurately guess every single person's preferred pronouns or gender identity based on appearance alone, even if they're not transgender.

Brother and 2 sisters are giving me annoyance that I don’t pay attention their kids (my nieces and nephews) 😒🙄😒 they’re their kids not mine. If I wanted to take care of kids I’d be a father.

You certainly have a right to set that boundary, especially if they're asking you for child care. It's a shame that people like them feel entitled to the time and energy of those who are child-free. Just because we don't spend our time as parents doesn't mean we aren't focused on other important things in our lives.

What’s the biggest downside of this app?

The bullies. They never really phase me but it's still not pleasant to encounter them. I feel awful for anyone who can't handle that sort of thing as well.
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I rejected a marriage proposal last year.. can I undo that? Is it wrong if I try to?

You could always try reaching out to them and explaining that you weren't ready when you originally said no. Good luck!

People shouldn't be sleeping with others before marriage and shouldn't have children out of wedlock. That is immoral, and sinful. Do you agree?

I don't agree, mostly because I don't follow the set of beliefs that deem them immoral and sinful.

Ever shared things with someone you love, but they threw it in your face?

It has happened to me before. It feels like shit.

Do you think 38 is too old to have kids?

If you're over 35 you may struggle to conceive or face complications during pregnancy.

Thoughts about becoming a better version of yourself?

It's one of my most important goals. I'm always trying my best to improve.

Do you play Xbox or ps5

Vampire895’s Profile PhotoVampire895
Neither, but only because I don't own a PS5 yet. I do have a PS4 though as well as other consoles and a PC. I'm not much of an Xbox fan.

Would you or have you ever gotten Botox?

I would if I needed it for a medical reason, not for cosmetic purposes. I've never done it though.

What’s your to go food? McDonald’s or Taco Bell?

I go to McDonald's more often than Taco Bell but both are nice since they're cheap and have decent food.

Are you more likely to block someone because they don't know any better, or because they're more or less of a bad person?

gggssaq’s Profile Photouɐʇs ɥʇᴉʍ sǝɯʎɥɹ
I would be most likely to block someone if they're doing something bad, or if I just don't want to interact with them.

I think I’m ready to date again I seen a girl today n I was immediately attracted to her

Good luck!

Why do some people easily give up on their friendship with those who have psychological problems or with those they deem are clingy?

Some people may not be in a position where they're able to balance other people's issues with their own, or they may just prefer to protect their peace. I don't see anything wrong with setting a personal boundary as long as you're not being hateful.

Would you make a birthday cake for yourself?

Sure, if I felt like doing the work. If it's my birthday though I'd want to relax and not have to do that.

Am I a weirdo if I camp in my backyard with my dog?

Not at all! You're on your own property using your own equipment, minding your own business. Enjoy it!

What’s it mean when you get anxiety from looking at memories?

That sounds like a trauma response, often associated with PTSD. No one here is qualified to tell you for sure what's going on though. You would need to reach out to a professional for an evaluation.

I just hate that this guy only uses me and talks to me when he’s “in the mood” but with other girls/guys he chooses to talk other topics with them besides inappropriate ones and I feel very disrespected rn. Have you ever had a guy or a girl that used you for a good time and otherwise didn’t care?

Have you talked to him about how you feel about it yet? If he isn't interested in you as an individual and you're not comfortable with having a purely sexual relationship with him then I think you should reevaluate your situation. I've been in similar situations and it feels icky.


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