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The bible is just a book filled with stories..... change my mind

The bible is a book filled with stories about how Christian's supposedly should act, but yet the Christians dont even follow their own religion. They interpret it to benefit themselves and to make it so they dont seem like bad people. Some Christian's are amazing and then others are nut cases who dont even know their own religion.

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If my boyfriend has cheated on me more than once should I still stay with him even though me promises to change?

Jasmine Moon
If he is promising a change then it's up to you, if you want to let him have another chance then I would say take a break but tell him you arent breaking up. It's more of a break for him to figure out who he is but make the break so neither of u guys will see anyone else or do anything with anyone else. And if he does change then maybe you can give him another chance if he shows that he wants you and if u feel comfortable.

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