Ask @noora_7_4:

اللهم يا حي يا قيوم ، يا ذا الجلال والإكرام ، أسألك باسمك الأعظم الطيب المبارك ، الأحب إليك الذي اذا دعيت به أجبت ، وإذا استرحمت به رحمت ، وإذا استفرجت به فرجت ، أن تجعلنا في هذه الدنيا من المقبولين والى أعلى درجاتك سابقين. جمعتكم مباركة خوتي 😍❤️

♓️ Marwan Sadek ( البخبخي ) ♓️
اللهم آمين علينا و عليكم

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okay if there is some kind of a disaster happening. and you had an HOUR LEFT to live. and you had to choose.. you MUST.. CHOOSE between teaching those little monsters of yours or enjoying a peaceful moment with that white melted kit kat chocolate bar :p your choice will be ? p.s you can't do BOTH

OMG this is a hard one to answer
You did it = )))
I just can't broke those monsters hearts 💔💔✌🏽️it'll be easier for me to broke my own heart instead of theirs,
So Sorry kit Kay white :'( you'll always be my one & only

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stop like his answer i like him ad ur ruining it

FOA it's liking - answers - and - you're
SOA you need English lessons or you've missed ones .
anyway instead of bothering me and wasting my time you should ask him with your name on and stop being childish , "the hide thing" it's really not a tractive and real men don't like it.
at the end liking someone's answer doesn't mean that you're inlove with them and it's certainly not a marriage proposal .
For Allah sake grow up girl !!!!!

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