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Is online PDF available of your book?

nope it's only available in paperback

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So my mom's going to Karachi today for a conference & I asked her to get me a copy of 'Yesterday I was The Moon'. But you said the book is in selected book stores only. Can you please tell me which bookstores would have it. Sincerely, Areeba:))

Mediocre .--.
you can request it at readings bookstore in lahore or at any liberty books outlet and they'd get it for you. it's only available on barnes & noble / book depository and amazon right now 🌼

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Lemme just say, I am in LOVE with your poetry and art journalπŸ’« You are srsly an inspiration, I compose poetry in my mind but I cannot get myself to write it on paper. It's because I think it's not good enough, any suggestion please please please. I am just 12 that's why tho :p Hugs from PeshawarπŸŽ†

thank you so much πŸ’– i would highly advise reading more poetry from contemporary poets (i love ocean vuong + warsan shire) and write about events happening around you. use a lot of metaphors and have your elder read your pieces for better guidance. good luck x

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What is the best thing about your twin?

Barry Bee Benson
she's very creative and outspoken

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Which vsco filter do you use? Btw I love your work πŸ’•

thank you! i use hb2 / hb1 / a5 the most

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In loooove with your work😍😍 which flowers do you use in your photos? 🌹🌹

Diya gupta
thank you!!! i use dried roses and statice flowers

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please please please make more vids with areeba ily guys

more coming soon πŸ’ͺ🏽

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dont have a question but Im obsessed wih you and your youtube and your poetry

thank you so much πŸ’–

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I just made an id on ask fm rn just for you Please advise me how should i spread my poems to the world My insta is @snowchild_says on insta I would lovvvve a shoutout frm you Do check my dms please

you should keep writing. use relevant hashtags (#writersofinstagram + #poetrycommunity are really active) and connect with people with similar niche.
i don't do shout outs but if you have a journal entry with my poetry, i would love to feature it πŸ’– send it to me

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Where do you get your materials from to do your work? I love it and I write poetry and want to start being more creative with it, looking for inspiration and ideas!

i get them from local stationery shops. if you're in khi, universal store in bahadurabad + paper market in lighthouse (saddar, old karachi) are my favorite places to go.
good luck for your work

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Za Tasara Mina Kum πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


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What is the best way to fix a broken heart?

sleep for 3 days

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Is it wrong to fall for your best friend's ex boyfriend ? to fall insanely in love with him

well it doesn't ~rlly~ sound appropriate

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Snapchat username ?

i don't use sc

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bilawal bhutto or hassan nawaz sharif? :P

bilawal bilawal bilawal

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Have you ever written a poem? If yes, what was it about?

i write a piece a day πŸ˜‚ but here's a personal favorite

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Are you Gravity? Because I'm attracted to you

ur pun game is weak

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I have been watching your videos alllllllllll day 😭 SO HAPPY TO FINALLY HAVE A PAKISTANI YOUTUBER πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

omg thank you so much

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likers get , if i was your gf ?

likers can go and listen to justin bieber's song if i was your boyfriend instead

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Likers get "I love you" just for fun but don't give them the link of this question.

why do i get all the nonsense in my ask box why why

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Likers get :1.Whatsapp numberπŸ“² 2. Hangout with me 🚸 3.Friendship in FBπŸ™‹ 4. A long term relationship with me πŸ’ 5. An advice✊6. A non-veg question😜 7. I love you ❀ 8. Chat with me 😊 9. 30 likes πŸ‘ 10. Comment on DP & BG ✌(It completely depends on ur wish to give which one to whom among these)


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If you get a chance to marry any user. Who would it be? πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚

the site bot THX

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Instagram ?

it's @ noor_unnahar

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Why does one love?πŸ’­

why why why

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