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Never let people run your life. Remember, you are capable of ruining it yourself. :)

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Few days back i read this somewhere “No matter what you do, someone will have something negative to say. Try not to take it personally. People judge and criticize other people's lives when they're not happy with their own. Follow your heart. Do what's right for you. It's great to consider how your choices will affect the people around you. Just know you don't need everyone's approval to be happy.” Till this day, it hits hard!🥲❤️‍

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Why is "you look younger than your age" a compliment?

Cause we all are scared of growing up! Humans fear the passage of time, for growing up brings change and uncertainty.🥀
“Instead of resisting to changes, surrender. Let life be with you, not against you. If you think ‘My life will be upside down’ don’t worry. How do you know down is not better than upside?”
~Shams Of Tabriz

Laylatul qadar may falls tonight iska mtlb ?

That we have no idea on which night it falls, the possibility is there that it may fall on 21st, 23rd, 25th,27th and 29th night of ramadhaan!🌸✨
So it’s better we do not waste a single minute on these nights! Ask whatever you wish for, ask for forgiveness it is very important! Ask for healing! Praise Allah, be thankful to him that he has blessed you with so much even if you think it isn’t enough it’s far better than what others are going through!🥀🌸

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Arrange marriage scares me alot idk why. I'm not in a relationship either. But I believe in love and companionship. Yh parameters count kr k shadi both side p i just hate it. I'm under clinical depression due to all these thoughts 😭😭😭😭 what should I do

Have faith in your Rab! Know that whatever he writes for you will be the best in your favour inshaaAllah. And why worry about something which you can pray for? Pray with such firm belief that whatever you’re asking for will be given to you by your creator. Don’t worry darling everything will be alright inshaaAllah. And whatever you’re going through is not odd I completely understand it. Infact it’s quite normal to be scared but keep praying and things will turn out to be best inshaaAllah♥️✨

SERIOUS ANSWERS ONLY. He spoke to me for one month straight. We bonded really well. Things were going good. And then one day (out of the blues) he apologizes for nothing and blocks me from everywhere the next day. What could’ve happened? :’)


I guess I Iove too much talking about fashion, dressing and celeb talk and sometimes I feel I'm annoying to others

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Okay so there can be 2 reasons for that 1st is, If you feel like they're being annoyed or bothered just because you're sharing your thoughts about your "favourites" they're probably "not the one". Because friends or people that adore you or value you never gets tired/annoyed/bothered by you sharing your thoughts. I do agree that sometimes it gets out of hand but it takes a very special person with whom you can share whatever is on your mind, 2nd If you like talking about your favourite things make sure you're listening to them too, sometimes when we are sharing our stuff we forget that the other person might want to share something too or now is not in a good mood that is why they maybe annoyed so yea you can ask them about their day and yk haal ehwaal and then while having a convo share whatever is on your mind.🤝😅

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Serious question: Should you get married if you are emotionally attached to someone else.( not w the person you're about to marry)? The person you r going to marry is perfect ticks all the boxes but you are scarred by past traumas and still have feelings for the person who hurt you?

But if he really loved you he wouldn't hurt you right? So why avoid a person who's nice and according to you is perfect? Girl stop wasting your life, feelings and emotions for those idiots who have hurt you. You deserve better.🤍move on with grace and smile girl, you can do it🤝💜. And it will turn out to be the best for you InshaaAllah ✨️


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