Ask @nooryQtr:

What would you do if you choose someone as your first choice, but they choose as their second?

I would never choose anyone if i even felt that i was a second choice.. The reason that will make me choose someone as my first choice is when this person treats me the way I deserve. I would rather be a destination than a stop along the way.. I would rather be plan A than B !

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ايش اكثر شي تحبيه

أحب الجو الهادي، احب اخصص وقت لنفسي كل يوم ، احب الناس الايجابيه و اللي كلامهم دايم لهم معنى و اتعلم منه، احب السفر ، و احب لندن لان فيها اعز ربعي واحلا ذكرياتي، واحب تركيا لانها تجيب لي الراحه < عادي اكمل لين بكره 😂😂

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رسالة لكل بنت عندها حلم وشغف 💫

انها تستمتر في تحقيقه و حتى لو تعبت و حصلت عائق فطريقها تراجع نفسها و تشوف كيف ممكن توصل لها الشي وما تستسلم حتى لو ياخذها وقت طويل، ولو ماصار؟ ممكن يكون اشارة ان في حلم ثاني افضل ينتظرها💗

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For someone who loves photography and wants to own a camera. Which canon would you recommend? Because mashallah your pictures are amazing!

Thank you!! I use canon 70d its a very good camera .. 5d mark is perfect its full frame but very heavy! I would recommend mine cause i only used this one and 50d before and both are really good! Also go to the store they will help you choose depending on your needs!

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