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This is Blake i just wanted a more unique way of wishing a bro a happy birthday. We'll have to kick it sometime man.

Yup anytime I'm not working, just hmu whenever.
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would you rather have the ability to fly(no at lightspeed) or breath under water?

Thee fuck kind of question is that, Fly of course.
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not even gold? do you even play league noob?

Silver 2 atm QQ Been to silver 1 in promos twice, got autistic ass teammates errtime.
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Would you want to be a bus driver or airplane pilot

Bus driver, my anxiety is way to bad to fly a fucking plane, this is pointless though, because I can't even back a car out of a driveway :X
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Would you ever consider taking up running

I used to run all the time back when I was in military school, ran 2 miles every morning :P
But then again that was 2 years ago, and I smoke so my lungs are garbage, maybe if I ever want to get back in shape eventually I will :P
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Who was the last person you had a deep conversation with?

I have deep conversations with people all le time, but the last person was with someone I work with about life and problems and whotnot.

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