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في بعض الأحيان يكسرو قلبك ويقولو لك حلمك مستحيل يتحقق وازي يحصل بينك وبين احلامك ك بعد السماء عن الأرض، وانت تتحطم من داخلك وتتضايق وتقول صح كلامهم وراح تسمع لهم وتستسلم وتنسى ان ربُنا قال {يحيي العظام وهي رميم} امور حياتك مش بيدهم بيد ارحم الراحمين دايماً حط هذا الشيء في بالك💙🗝. مساء الخير 😃🌻

حلوه جدا❤❤

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S. t. a. t. u. s

Ahmed mezoo
Stay with who believes in you. Who wants you to be better. who help you when you’re down. Stay with hopeful, cheerful people. Who have big dreams just like you. Stay with people who wants to see you happy. Stay with people who wants to stay with you. Those are the people who’s gonna make you always move forward.💙✌

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Be my peace , i’d so much wars. Be my peace i’ve been fighting all alone for a long time. Be the place where i hide from all the thoughts just laying there looking to your eyes where i feel safe. Be the hope to my hopeless soul.🧠