Ask @not_a_hoe:

What invention has had the greatest impact on society? And why?

I think the invention of the pencil has had the biggest impact. Not only has it helped to document stories and truths and lessons of everyone and anyone, even illiterate people who can use symbols or draw what they mean, but it is so versatile. Like it can be used for art, communication, experiments, documentation, and even as a weapon when you need it

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what's on your mind?

Uhm the types of ads i keep getting because i think my phone is reading my texts, i get if i googled it but i never googled the ads that pop up. Also there is this person that idk what to do with because I think they like me and want more of me then I can give them because I don't like them anymore I like someone else, or at least I say I like someone else but even then I am not sure about that person. Oh and school, I have Physics homework due monday and I haven't studied a lick for med-term and I have a test Wednesday on it because ive spent all my time on physics

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Choose between beauty and brains?

Brains i guess. Because if you're smart, then you could get lots done not just for yourself but others, and you could also be beautiful too. You could always learn to dress and stuff if you're smart, but if you're just pretty and don't care bout smarts you might have a chance at a nice life but I think it'd be a bit hard

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What should a single person do when all your friends are in relationship? 😂

I dunno. Only like 2 of my friends are in relationships but all of us are single so I guess find other single people to hang out with or busy yourself with something else. You don't have to be in a relationship if you don't want to, nor should you rush it just to keep up with the Jones's

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