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Ladies pls define *Apny sapnoon jesa/wala guy*.... I'm listening to that mila na koi eysa Mery sapnoon k jesa.. Chann k mohalla saara dekh Lia. Tou I'm so curious now.


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Koi wkaai my single larka h yahann.. ya sary cousin sy bat paki kra k acting kr ry single hny ki..How cheap is this !

Kch naya nae ha sochna, karny or bolny k lea?
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Feels like no one understands me. I just want to be understood

Apni dunya khd design karwao or phr usmy peda jo jana agly janam may

Should i marry someone who is 36 (me 26) years old not much good looking but has nice personality?

Check his bank balance 😁

Ek larka bina dkhy ek saal tk lrki se baat kry r boly k mujhe tumhari baaton se pyar hy to kya wo sach bol raha hy???


So i became friend with a guy on ask and when we shared smapchat and insta and started talking, bro he is not the same person 😭I mean the answer he posted on ask was just him being fake. Please never fall for answers here 🥲

He's professional 👌

Computer internet na ho to freelancing kese karskte🙄

You should have an internet connection while selling your skills online to anyone anywhere

Yaha sb hi dil toote hve agy no one is normal

Emotional abusers hain yaha pay sab.. trying to gain simpathy and then they'll destroy you

Is it just fantasy or a good guy actually exists here. The one i like is the arrogant son of .. . Any good guys here?

Bad boys


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