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They invented something that dates back to the past and accelerates the future. Which one do you choose to revert to neither the past nor the future?"

Neither of them

The most important thing which you have learned from your life? 🌚

Stay calm everything will fall in order at its own time, you can’t rush you can only work hard

- How many times have you written a message and are about to send it but you could not?

A lot of times but to a same person

What’s is one thing that you’re proud of?😎

That I don’t study but pass my exams whatever the stage is

How can I understand that I'm adult enough?

When you prefer family over friends and peace over money

What is The Most Important Thing in a Relationship??💝💔

To manage how to care and to give space at the same time

Then what do you wish for this world? What is your biggest wish and desire?

To die in a peace of mind that I haven’t hurt anybody and almighty ALLAH is happy with me

If you were going to write a book, what would you call it and what would it be about?

I would change the rules in football and I will call it ‘sane’

Do you also read conversation again to smile because replies were so fast you didn't get a time to imagine?

Lol yes


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