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It’s okay if you don’t like me for the person that I am, there are countless hours of the day where I despise myself, so how can I blame you for the harsh words that you utter. I’ve been in denial about this for a long time but it’s time to face round two of this horrific life choice that wasn’t even a choice to begin with. Please, don’t hate me for the thoughts that I have, they are uncontrollable and if I could switch off my thoughts altogether then I would turn them off for forever because they are killing me, my self doubt is hurting me. I’m tearing up whilst I’m writing this because whilst you’re reading this you probably wont understand a single ounce of my pain. You tell me to think positive thoughts, but when I’m left all alone, I feel like the air is suffocating me and I don’t want to breathe. The problem is, I got too comfortable with my own company, I like to be alone, but I’m afraid of being alone too. I feel like I’m losing myself bit by bit every single day and I don’t know what to do, but I am trying. Please don’t give up on me. Sometimes I don’t understand if I’m supposed to apologise to you for the way that I am because I didn’t choose to be this way, but I choose to be better and I hope you stick by me so that you can be a witness of my transformation.

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Haal kaisa hai janab ka?

Some days will be okay, some days everything will hit me. I can't help but sit and think about what's yet to come, I really don't want what I think will happen, to happen. Everytime my trust crumbles and it just turns into ashes, everytime my feelings are hurt and they are not cared about, everytime I'm left alone to just contemplate life as each seedling of depression grows and grows. I don't know how much longer I can go on for, sometimes this depair holds a thousand oceans of tears, sometimes it holds nothing. I can't tell which ones worse, feeling all these emotions or feeling nothing at all. Either way, they both leave you void, this voidness and hollowness, melting into soundless oblivion.
Haal kaisa hai janab ka

Kia sochty rhty ho?

Umairsohail291’s Profile PhotoUmair.
It’s been 2 hours since the last time that we spoke. You are probably a different person by now. Maybe if I see you across the street, I won’t be able to recognize you anymore. I won’t know how much you’ve grown. I won’t understand how you’ve moved on faster and easier than me.I know you’re completely happy with the people that surround you right now. There is no place you’d rather be than where you are currently. And I’m glad that you’re slowly finding your happiness. Whatever life you are leading at the moment, I hope it is the one that you’ve been dreaming of. The one you told me about when I used to be someone you trusted the most. I hope you are proud of the person that you are becoming. I hope you already have everything that you need in life right now. I know you barely think of me anymore. Maybe you no longer remember how I look without the use of the internet. Maybe if I call you on the phone, you won’t recognize my voice anymore. I understand that someone has already replaced me in your heart. You have found someone new, someone who’s better than me, someone who’s lucky to call you as their own. And that’s totally fine with me. I want you to know that I’m glad you’re moving on. I hope someone’s taking good care of you now, providing you more happiness, and securing you a future that I couldn’t give to you. I admit that I’m a little bit scared to not know what life will be like without you. It’s hard for me to imagine a future that doesn’t involve you. I am saddened that I don’t have the right anymore to talk to you on a regular basis. But it is what it is — someone has already won you over.
The best thing that I can do for myself is to turn around and walk in the other direction. I need to slowly, but surely, wipe my special feelings towards you. Maybe it’s still a long way for me to finally accept that you’re not the person who’s destined for me. But considering I can smile now, when the thought of you crosses my mind, clearly means that I’m almost there.
I’m so close to healing my heart. I’m beginning to learn to put myself first before others. I’m starting to believe that it’s okay to love myself. It’s pointless to pressure myself over the thought that you’re in what seems like an amazing relationship — and I’m not. There are million other things in my life that deserve my attention. There’s more to life than being in love. If I can be happy for you, and for your relationship, then I should be doing the same thing for myself too. I should be finding what makes me really happy. I’m in a perfect situation in life to do everything that I want, and to achieve anything that I desire, without taking someone else’s opinions into consideration. My heart is at peace now than it has ever been, and I promise to myself to hold on to this feeling. I promise to myself to move on, and finally let you go.
Regards Numan.

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Are you a forgiving person ?

cheeksfatima’s Profile PhotoRimsha Fatima
YES I consider myself a forgiving person. I also consider forgiving is always good. But it must not be confused with laxness / neglect. It’s not the same thing. If someone does something bad to you, it should be made clear that a prejudice has happened and that the offender has to take responsibility. Nonetheless, you should always forgive. Of course, it’s a lot easier said than done. The greater the injury, the harder it is to forgive. Yet, even in the most outrageous cases, it is only logical to be forgiving.
After all, what purpose would holding a grudge forever serve? What would it bring in your life that’s positive and useful? Nothing. If you hold a grudge against someone for something they’ve done to you, you only keep hurting yourself. Sure, you’ve been wounded, but by not forgiving, you’re twitching your wound every day making sure it doesn’t scab and never heals.

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A piece of poetry ? 💌

cheeksfatima’s Profile PhotoRimsha Fatima
I swear, I tried really fucking hard.
I tried to get up and walk again.
I tried not to sit there in the corner and cry anymore.
But you were really good at it. You made sure to inject self loathing in my bones so deep that I couldn't come out of it no matter how hard I tried.
I lost everything. My family, my friends, my own soul. I felt like a damn ghost in my own body.
It didn't feel like home. Nothing did.
But then I took to words. I penned down every single emotion on paper and let it fly off in the wind. I started writing like crazy. Like I had to pour everything out or else I'd die. Like it was my only saviour.
I wrote in the hope that someone out there will catch hold of these papers and would send some love back to me via this same wind. After that, whenever I felt wind caressing my cheeks or playing with my hair, I felt loved.
Everything changed.
Everything seemed bright now.
I wasn't jumping and dancing and singing but I wasn't drowning anymore.
So i realised that a day will come when your days will be unbearably too long, your nights will be too quiet, and the floor will feel too cold on your skin, and you won’t have any other choice but to pick yourself up, kick your feet up, and rise up again.
Because really, how long will you stay down, waiting, crying, and moping around when you’re the only one who can decide to save yourself?
Please answer me

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Post something beautiful!🌼

aqsakiani1’s Profile PhotoAqsa kiani
"Another scar?"
Another excuse. "Are you crying?"
Dust in my eyes. "You don't look very well"
I spend the nights crying. "You guys look so good together"
I am frightened for my life. "Wow that ring he brought you is gorgeous!"
He makes me feel worthless. "You have a beautiful smile"
Please don't be too nice to me he doesn't like it and he will blame me for flirting. "Are you okay?"
I will be.....

Random thoughts? 🌸🌼

rachellefrillesperez’s Profile PhotoMiSS.R
Never trade respect for attention"
You have Nyctophobia and Athazagoraphobia well guess what I am gonna be a clinical psychologist so I am gonna cure you first XD koi nae
hota hai ye sab HAHAH DONT
bio is awesome ,you may shoot me with your words, you may cut me with your eyes, you may kill me wid your
hatefulness, but still, like air, I’ll
rise! Hahahaha So much awesomeness in one person is rare
Answers very interestingg, You are sweet and a kind hearted person sense of humor acha hai
hamaisha aisay he rehna
And your name is very unique :)
stay blessed,stay khush❤

So here YOU are <3

roziakhan’s Profile Photousername
hmm so the life hadn't been so easy though! without the air,none can survive! The way your world is to you! You are one of such Splash! Turning Tossing the nights when we are together I get the jibes. Love! Turn around and see me there though dead I will be, but you shall find me there. Those years passed as second! don't know now shall I spent the rest your essence I remember!
even when I asleep never shall I see the day when god forbid you shall weep weep only! love when I will shall be gone till then keep a cluster on thou face cluster of mugness and happiness always. baby what should I say no words you mean the world to me. Is it what people call LOVE don't know yet!
But it's so firm, you are only my beloved.
I know not the art of poetry of Love!
Since you are like the cool breeze.The way you smile , baby the way you walk ..Melt baby Melt
I drags me there that's all I know!
I can feel your hands, Your tips!
so delicate it is! hahahaha like butter slik! Hairs so Dark!
That I get lost!
Above all its her modesty that stands a top.
Without you in nutshell
Remember I shall be lost <3!

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mein fb py ap ko add kr sakti hn? i will nt distrb u for you ?

AmnaIqbalMalik’s Profile PhotoGold leaf :')
No.. i just grew up. I stopped letting people push me around. I stopped them from taking me for granted I accepted the reality that
don't deserve a fuck. And trust me I
don't care about these fucktards. I
have cried I have been through a lot.

You have changed alot numan . I miss you :'( :'( :'(

You know what? Yes, i have changed. I am not as nice as i used to be, because i don't want to get used or walked over. I don't trust anyone and tell them my secrets because behind every fake fucking smile is a backstabbing bitch. I distance myself from people, because in the end they are only going to leave. I have changed because i've realized that i am the only person i can depend on. People are so fucking mean. Everyone in the world would say that you have changed a lot, but no one in the world will look into your eyes and say you have compromised alot...

opinion on relationship these days???

Texting "I love you", "I miss you". Does it define TRUE LOVE? Isn't love a feeling which cannot be expressed by words? Isn't love an essence which can only be felt by the heart? Isn't it the absence of a person which makes our heart wander? You become attached to a person. You don't take their imperfections into consideration. Its the start. The affection is there. Promises are made, some real, some fake. Time passes, nobody is Perfect. The shortcomings are exposed. The flaws are revealed. Argument on small matters become a norm. Fight replaces care. Sadness replaces happiness. HATE replaces LOVE. The promises "i couldnt live without you" become an illusion, the reality is uncovered. The memories haunt. You expect too much from such relationships, then get hurt. Its the bitter Truth. We cant deny. And then i think why dont we value the relationship with our CREATER. The relationship with ALLAH is the best relationship u can ever have. Allah loves you more than the love of seventy mothers combined. remember when Allah is with u, no person in the world is strong enough to break u down :) :)

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so you say we shouldn't celebrate Valentines day because we're Muslims , and at the same time you respect girls because they have to give time to their boyfriends ? choose the right answer : a- copy-paste b- you're an asshole .

I answered that Thoughts on girls wala Question
and i said that we should respect girls because
they have to give time to their Boyfriend,Haina?
That question was about GIRLS, Not only about
MUSLIM GIRLS. And i said that we shouldn't
celebrate the VALENTINE'S DAY Because we are
MUSLIMS. Yes! I said Cus we must follow our
traditions and culture.We shouldn't celebrate
the events and festivals of Other's religion :3
Dono alag baaten hain like Zameen aur
Aasmaan 2 Alag cheezen hain hum unhe mila
nae sktey. Dono ko sense he different ban rae
hai. What to do you mean to say? :3
But we should know our Limits. Loving someone is
not only about Dating.
We should respect girls beacause in our religion
there is a great emphasis to give them respect
and it's not compulsory whether they have
Boyfriend or Not. We do respect them.
And you mean to say k If a girl has a boyfriend
or she loves someone so we shouldn't respect her?
Ye sub us k amaal hain, who the fuck are you to
judge her? Us ke zindagi hai wo jese marzi
spend karey.Baap na Bano.
others today and People will respect Your
Daughter or Sister tommorow. ✋ Be Postitive.
*Option C-You'll always be an asshole. :'))

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thoughts on girls?

I respect girls.Some reasons just to why we
should respect girls are:
-Deciding what to wear every morning.
-Make sure her b** doesn't show.
-Make sure her dress doesn't express her body
-Give time to study.
-Give time to family.
-Give time to friends.
-Give time to boyfriend.
-Being dumped.
-Wondering what she did wrong.
-Insecure about her Boyfriend.
-Make her boyfriend happy.
-Apologising without her fault.
-Waxing body hair.
-Grooming her hair perfect.
-Being cheated on.
-Being lied to.
-Being loved and left to suffer.
-Being missunderstood.
-Being called fat.
-Being called too much slim.
-Being judged by stranger.
-Being judged by her relatives.
-Being called a whore when she is virgin.
-Expected to look beautiful always.
-Expected to smell good always.
-Expected to act like a Lady.
-Imagine bleeding out for an entire week.
-Having to deal with cramps.
-Menstruation and pain.
-Child birth.
-Imagine having a 7-10 pound kid coming out
of her.
-Still disrespected.
-Goes through harassment.
-Judged on her atittude.
-Bad Image.
So Please grow up. Girls ain't a toy. I am
receiving alot of questions about girls like 'Girls
are nothing more than a piece of shit' Oh Please
The society in which we are living is a piece of
shit just because of such people like you guys,
living in our society where people think that they
have rights to play with the feelings of girls,
judge someone and disrespect girls. So SHUT THE
FUCK UP.Before calling a Girl a piece of shit,
think about your Maa who gave you birth.
Girls go through so much.
But you know what? They still walk around with
a beautiful smile.

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Be mine once more like we used to be I am crazy for you still Why do you ignore me Come back to me ...

lol wtf??
just un-tick or i'll be ur worst enemy.
So hate me if you want, i don't give a (f***)i am still here with my finger up
Blod, I ain't a RNB Singer but...
Faa faa f*** you...
Frankly I don't give a damn :/ :)


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