Ask @nozomioishi:

What is one thing that happened in your life that without it happening, you would never be where you are today?

Late 2010, just after the start of my IGCSEs. It was a pretty painful, difficult period in my life. I turned completely to music, discovered Taylor Swift and became a Swifty during that period. If that never happened, I would probably be a very different person now.

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What does the life you want to live look like?

Successful engineering career working for a big company like Apple, etc. Making a difference in the lives of people. Nice car, nice seaside home in a big, vibrant waterfront city (I'm thinking Sydney). A family of my own. Private family yacht to go chilling and fishing and stuff. Lots and lots of travelling and eating nice food. Great work- play balance with lots of time to enjoy the finer things in life. Appreciating and rewarding le parents for everything they've given and sacrificed for me. That would be really nice. Still quite some way into the future though. Gotta work hard and study hard now to achieve that kinda life.

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what happened to your macbook?

Um, I was watching Game of Thrones yesterday and had a glass of water beside me. Don't remember how but, it fell, pouring water onto the table, floor, and left hand side of my MacBook. It switched off by itself. Still letting it dry now, gonna take it in to the shop to have a look tomorrow after my exam. Praying it's alright/ can be repaired. The number of times I've been asked, 'So which scene was shocking enough to make you destroy your RM5000 laptop?' though.

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