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Why do you study so hard for?

I just feel that if you're gonna have to do something, might as well put in all your effort into it!! I'd never want to regret, i.e. to have results limit any part of my future, so I'll do my best - at the end of the day I knew I couldn't have done any better, and there won't be any crying over spilt milk. I guess it's also to make my parents proud + so they won't have to worry about me?
And also not everyone is as lucky to be in a position where you have a tried and tested recipe for doing well and going to a good uni, so you've gotta make the best out of this opportunity imo :)

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How are you today?

Ah this is a bad day to ask this haha. Today was rly rly hard to get by :( Was dead tired from the moment I woke up. Tried to study in the afternoon but kept having to take 5 minute naps and in the end I just crashed on the table for half an hour without meaning to cuz I was so tired. And now I have a bad migraine & haven't done much so I'm quite sad + my head isn't helping sighh
I really wish I'm in the mood to find good things to say about today but my head hurts too much to bother I'm rly sorry
Yeah today wasn't good at all :(

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Are you the kind of person who wants to be the big fish in a little pond or the little fish in the big pond?

Little fish in the big pond, definitely! Because then I can grow and become a bigger fish over time, and there's bigger fish around me to learn from and aspire to be like :-) Definitely wouldn't want to get complacent/have a limited world view so yep BIG POND for me to explore and be amazed and sooner or later I'd become a big fish (relative to the size of the pond) and then swim to even bigger oceans whoo

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Who or what made you smile today?

he usual WA nonsense / pilates / singing to myself / listening to a certain recording over and over again / getting gongcha / pau's birthday surprise / dancing at the mirrors / watching ytd's reh video HAHA / completing lots of work / randomly receiving oreos / talking to people I haven't talked to in ages / MONDAY IS OVERRR
and probably a lot more other things :)

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What is your favourite song(s) of all time up until now?

What is with all these favourite questions haha.
I guess I wouldn't call them favourite, but memorable hm.
Like all the songs I've sang and danced to in choir are definitely memorable - Les Miserables, HSM, Lion King, Disney songs, Sound of Music, ABBA - and they still occasionally get stuck in my head :) And the pop songs we always sang in (the middle of) class HAHA
But I don't think I'm answering the question so - nope I don't really have a favourite song I guess :( Too many songs in my life to choose from!

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