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Jika dia jodohku , permudahkan dan dekatkan kami berdua , jika dia bukan jodohku , buanglah perasaan ini diganti dgn rasa sebagai kwn 🏼


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I knew a guy 2 months ago. Everything seems so perfect with this guy, he’s so kind, funny, and even treated me well. We decided to be in a relationship month after. Then suddenly, everything changed starting last week. When I asked him why he drastically changed, he said ‘nothing’. What should I do?

Mungkin dia da berubah hati. Atau dia ada kenal dgn someone.

Patut ke aq still contact w him even he’s kinda porn addicted just bcz we have same vibe tapi aku tak nak la otak kotor gak kan

Major red flag sis. Btw sejak bila aku pakai aq. 😅

Would you rather have amazingly fast typing/texting speed OR be able to read ridiculously fast?

fast typing, sebab i ni jenis bnyk type
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