Ask @nurilhamwadhihah_:

as long as you happy ? why not ? aite ?

I'll never be happy :)
I think ive been cursed by someone.
Or maybe it's a punishment for the things i did wrong before.
No second chance for me, maybe.
I'm haunted by all the bad memories for the rest of my life.
I still searching for the light.
Ive been in darkness for too long.
No one give me a helping hand.
All they ever did was left me and abondoned me.
But surely i'm gonna survive and just keep my head held high and come back stronger than this.
And when that days come, i'll never let these fake people let me down ever again.

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Guysss, i nk tnye. Korang tahu x jenama lip tint yg murah but at the same time dia mmg berkualiti, i mean dia xde la mcm mengeringkan bibir or merosakkan bibir or whtever. Pls suggest kan beberapa jenama lip tint kat i, sbb i nk try lip tint tpi mcm susah nk jumpe la, byk jual lip matte n lip stick

I guna peripera punya water lip tint. Kalau gel lip tint i tak sure :/

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