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Nurul Afiqah Athirah
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When do you feel the most comfortable?


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Do you think that you’re a good person?


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Have you ever saved someone's life?

have i? idk

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What band is your favorite at the moment?


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Last person’s house you were in?

my aunt's house~~

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What kind of watch do you wear?


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song of the week?

mmm.. taeyang's eyes, nose, lips / jungkook sofa cover / spaz krizz kaliko ft. tech n9ne

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whos pict is that???????

my profile? it's jungkook, v and jin from bts(left to right)

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What are you terrible at?

sports.. literally.. but i somehow love p.e. periods at school.. why? cause i can use tracksuit bottom instead of skirt which is a troublesome

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How would you do on a song competition show?

I wont even participate it ._.

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Can you like my 15 answers ily ❤️

Perrie Edwards ✔

Done~ 끝

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Soap detergent? Seriously?

YEah of course!! I like that kinda powdery texture and it smells good yet soapy at the same time~
I know i am weird ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ

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What kind of person are you?

I'm that kind of person who will stay in the bathroom for more than 30 minutes just to play with detergent soap and a person who doesnt install Facebook in her phone //too many kpop//

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If you could name a star in the galaxy what would you name it?


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Army? List your bias list

1. V / J-Hope
2. Rap Mon / Jungkook
3. Jimin / Suga / Jin

Srsly dont ask me why is my bias list for bangtan's like that.. just dont

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What is the meanong of 'Yehet' on your profile?

'Meanong'? XDD it's a 'yes' for oh sehun.
Go and search itt

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Any favourite channel?

Any channel that shows kpop and cooking channel such as food network etc.. and i also like axn

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Do you like Coke or Pepsi? Why?

I prefer coke because idk reason ㅡ.ㅡ

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What is your Song of the week?

#bts - cypher pt 3, war of hormone

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Which was the moment when you felt really proud about yourself?


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What is your favorite candy?

Skittles and daim... lovin it!!

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Post a picture that makes you proud of your country?

There you go!! I lived at sabah and this place is a dairy farm here.. i love this place cause you can breath fresh air here!!

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Rate your dancing skills from 1 (worst) to 10 (best)

Idk.. maybe 4? I dont have any dancing skills but i like to dance into kpop music such as exo and bts.. but bts' dance is harder tho.. but who care? As long as im happy, u will keep dancing!!

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What holiday gift would make you really happy?

Kpop merch or a headphones!!

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