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Hi, im entering bba this year. May i know if there are any orientation talks for us to guide us on how to bid for modules and other adminstrative stuffs? If not are there any online guides?

Hi! Yes, there will be an orientation academic talk that will be given to you guys during oweek:) our online guide is currently not ready to be publicised, but we will notify you guys here once it is done. :)

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For biz we need points for overseas exchange programmes right? Does rag contribute to that?

Hi! So sorry, but RAG does not contribute to the SEP points each student will have :)

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hi, im an incoming y1 student. May i know if y1 students have to bid for their mods in sem1? or is it preallocated?

Hi! There will be core modules pre-allocated to the Year 1 students. There will also be a specific GEM (general education module) pre-allocated to certain students. If you have not been allocated a specific GEM, you would have to bid for modules to fulfil the minimum MC criteria :)

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hello i read online and saw that the bidding process starts even before oweek? but i have no idea how/what to bid. where can i seek help?

Hi! You can go to this link to find out more on the bidding process:

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When will rag camp start for freshmen?

Hi! RAG-athon is from 3 july - 28 july :)

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Hi! In the coming sem, I will be a Y2 BBA student. I would just like to ask if the BBA office allocates me with 3 core modules in sem 1 but I would like to take 4 core modules instead, who should I approach regarding this issue? :)

Hi! Please approach Mr Thomas Low in the BBA Office :)

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Hi I'm matriculating in AY17/18 - some of the modules are different from past year right? Are there any guides/timetable builders that can help us plan our timetable and modules?

Hi! You can use this site: :) Hope this helps!

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Hello, if I'm currently in Bizad Club subcomm and decide to join again in Y2, will I get double the SEP points? Thank u!

Nope! You would only get the 5 points for the CCA component!

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Is the honours disertation programme complusory for all students taking the honours year? If it is not complusory, what can it be replaced with?

Hi! If you are an honours student before AY17/18, you would have to take the honours dissertation programme. Below is the breakdown for the honours programme! Hope it helps! :)

The dissertation requirement may be met by 12 MCs of level 4000 business modules, with at least 8 MCs from the student's area of specialisation. Honours students have to take another 40 MCs worth of modules that will include an Honours Dissertation (12 MCs), compulsory Field Service Project (8 MCs) and another 20 MCs of Unrestricted Elective requirements.

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How do we sign up for the NUS business orientation week? Thanks :)

Hi! There will be a link that will be released closer to the date :) Please check in to our nusbizadclub facebook regularly to catch the release :) hope this helps!

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Hello :) biz ad in us be a better choice or accountancy in NUS? And is it possible to switch from biz ad to accountancy? what are the requirements? Thank you!

Hi! It is possible to switch from BBA to BAC, please approach the office for more information. The basic requirement is that you would have to do well for your accountancy modules :) hope this helps!

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Are there any requirements to fulfil for BBA students who wish to take 2 specialisations?

Nope! Currently, there are no requirements! Hope this helps (:

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Hi! May I know how to sign up and attend the pre rag sessions?

Hi! To sign up for prerag and rag respectively, please go to the links below:

After signing up, please attend pre rag sessions either in the mrb or the rag site in nus business school (: hope this helps!

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Hi when would exchange results be out? Thanks!

Hi! It will be out in July (: hope this helps!

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if i join bizad club subcomm in both year 1 and 2, can i double count the sep points under cca?

Hi! Currently, SEP points is counted based on the club joined. This would mean that regardless of how long you join a club, one club would be equivalent to 5 points. However, please allow us to reconfirm it with the office or if you would like, please approach Ms Jessie Toh in the BBA office to find out personally (: hope this helps!

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Hi, where will Rag pre camp be held at?

Hi! It will be held at the rag site in business school for float and mrb (mochtar riady building) for dance! Hope this helps!

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Hi admin! If I had missed the signup for Rag n Flag exposure day, can I still attend the pre rag sessions?

Yep! You can (:

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Hi, may I know the specific days and time for Rag pre-camp and camp?

Hi! Rag Camp is from 3rd july onwards and Pre-Rag is every tuesday, thursday and friday! The timings for pre-rag float is 2-5pm and 6-9pm; dance would be from 6-9pm!

Please note that there is no pre rag on the 15th of June and the next one is friday, 16th of June! Hope this helps!!

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Hi may I know when would I know if I am selected for the flag events. Thank you :)

Hello! All the emails should have been sent out by today! If you have not received any, this would mean that you have not been selected! However, please keep a look out for emails should someone drop out and for our future flag events! (:

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I have sign up for some flag events but have not receive any confirmation e-mail. Does that mean I would not be able to participate. Sorry (since the first event is on this Friday, I'm quite anxious) thanks

Hi! Sorry, if you do not receive an email, this would mean that you have not been selected. Hope this helps!

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Hi admin, I am one of the students matriculating this coming August. I have sign up for the flag events. May I know when will I be notified if I am selected or not? ( the first event is this coming Friday. If I do not receive anything, does that mean I am not selected?)

Hi! All emails have been sent out today! If you do not receive an email, this would mean that you are not selected. Hope this helps!!

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Hi, I signed up for the Farm Hopping FLAG event but didn't receive any email.. I think I may have been missed out in the list.. Who do I contact for more info regarding it?

Hi! If you have not received any email from the Flag Committee, it would mean that you have not been chosen for the Farm Hopping Flag Event. Hope this helps!

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Hi! I understand BAC students Year 3 will have 2 subsets of ACC3x modules to be taken in 2 semesters. Is there a chance I could take both subset in one semester and the other sem (Y3S1) I can go for exchange? Since I don't plan to take any other specialization. who should I contact to ask about? Ty!

Hi! With regards to this matter, please approach the BBA office and look for Mr Thomas Low for more information! Hope this helps!

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Hello! Have there been people in rag dance who have no prior experience? Cause Im interested in joining but i cant dance at all hahah

Yep! There are many students that are in rag dance and are first time dancers! Dont worry, come on down for rag dance to experience rag for yourself!!

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**Please take note that we have moved to a new website to allow the students of NUS Business School to find answers to queries in a more organised manner.
Our new queries platform: Thank you

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