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As a poly student, is it possible to cramp year 3 and year 4 mods into 1 year so that we can graduate faster (3 years if with honours since we are exempted 20MCs and if we overload to 6 mods every sem)?

Hi! Yep! It is possible as you will just have to complete the 160MCs stated as the graduation requirement :))

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What is the requirement to switch from BBA to BAC?

Hi! *Disclaimer: This is to answer all transfers from BBA to BAC*

Currently, there is no minimum CAP to transfer from BBA to BAC as it is seen by a case-by- case basis. With regards to the switch, you would have to approach the admissions office for an appeal to transfer. There is no CAP reset and there will be interviews. The transfer will also be based on your grade for the accountancy core modules that you have completed :)) Hope this helps!! :))

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Can I freely choose any specialization for BBA or is it subjected to grades for specific modules like NTU?

Hi! You can choose any specialisation for BBA and it is not subjected to grades. You would just have to complete the core specialisation modules :))

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hi I am a acc student. If I use my UEs to take mods from other faculties, is it pass fail? or will we get assigned a grade. Thank you!

Hi! For the UEs, there is a grade that will be assigned! :)) Hope this helps!

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Hi, with regards to graduating w honours within 3 years, is it not possible even if I am a poly student and intend to go for summer programmes?

Hi! You will be able to if you overload for the semesters as you would just need to complete the 160MCs to graduate :)

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Is there a minimum gpa to do a second specialization? Eg. finance and business economics

Hi! Currently, there is no CAP cut-off to read 2 specialisations :)

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Hi, I didnt receive the bizsection year book when I collected the welfare pack yesterday.. may I know how can I get a copy of it

Hi! The yearbooks are placed in the pulse! :)

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Hi may I know when is the application period for SEP application for Y2S2? I know it opens in May but when does it end?

Hi! The application is usually opened for a month, so it will end in June :)

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is it possible to sign up for both SEP and NOC?

Yep! It is possible :))

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Do we have to bid for modules in yr 1?

Hi! Yes! You would have to start bidding for GEM modules if you would like to read it in Year 1 and was not allocated :) Majority of the modules would be core modules that will be allocated to you

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Hello, How long does a module take to get approved when I applied for it for be mapped?

Hello! Please be patient and allow the office to process the mapping of the modules as there may be peak periods which will mean a longer time. On average, it will be about 3 weeks :))

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Hi I'm a year 1 student. Just checking would we be given another 3 floating SUs for the remaining 3 years in NUS or would our floating be whatever leftover SUs I have after this semester? Thank you!

Hi! The floating SUs will be from the remainder of the SUs that each individual has :)

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will all the modules offered under the SEP master list be successfully mapped over? Am i still required to check with the overseas university whether they offer those modules listed in the document we have? thank you

Hi! With regards to the mapping of modules, ones it is submitted in myisis and you are sure about it being a business module, please be ensured that the office will try to put it as either a UE or a specialisation elective :))

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Hi, if we participated in flag day during O week, will that be considered CIP points for SEP? If it is, how do we get approval for the form?

Hi! With regards to the flag day in Oweek, please place the form into the basket in the Bizad Club room next to the canteen :) The form used would be the Caring for the community form :)

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Is there SEP points awarded for Internship?

Hi! Nope!

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whats the diff between second major in BA and specialising in BA? Is the latter a subset of the former? Or do they have very different coverage?

The difference is just in modular credits (major = 48mcs and spec = 24mcs).
There would be slight differences with regards to the modules read, however, all in all, it should be similar :)

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How to double specialise, on top of a second major(48mc), considering almost all the UEMs are used up for the second spec? On another note, if i am a BAC(H) with second major in analytics, would i have the capacity to take 5-6 modules of finance to be specialised?

Hi there! To take up the finance specialization, this person needs 6 modules, he can make use of his UEs for it, possible option for him to extend a semester just to take up more UEs to fulfill the requirement. But this is subject to approval by the BBA office (due to the fact that he has a second major already), this person has to write in! Hope this helps! :))

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Can a bba(acc) student specialise in finance using UEs? And if so, would all have to be used?Thanks a lot!

Yes :)) Nope! You would still have 2 more UE to read other modules :))

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Which modules would be allocated to bac year 2 students in semester 1? Thank you!

Hi! FIN2004 is confirmed, and there will be 2 different subsets that a BAC student can possibly get.
SUBSET A: MNO2007, BSP2001, DSC2006
SUBSET B: ACC3601, ACC3603, ACC3605

And ACC1006 if you are doing ACC2002 this semester :))

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Hi can accounting students SU acc2002?

Hi! Sorry! As there is a pre-requisite, you cannot SU ACC2002!

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Would all UEs have to be used up if you want to take a second major etc in comp sci? Or would we have some left ?

Hi! As a second major's requisite is a minimum of 48MCs, this would mean that all the UEs would have to be used up! Hope this helps! :))

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If a bba student wants to take double spec, would he have to use up all his UEs for the second spec? What about for second majors? thanks alot

With regards to second specialisation (24MCs) , the student will have 2 more UEs left to read other modules.
For second major, at least 48MCs must be read and for students admitted from AY2014/15 onwards: up to 16 MCs can be counted also towards the Faculty/Major/Minor requirements; and at least 16 MCs must be at Level 3000.
Hence, the student would have used up all his UEs (32MCs) for the second major.

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Is it possible to clear level 3000 specialisation modules in year 2 if I have covered the pre requisities modules for that particular 3000 module?

Yep! As long as you have covered the requisites, you will be able to read the 3000 modules :)

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when is biz camp and biz o week?

Please refer below :))

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When is the application for biz camp/oweek/rag? When are the camp dates? ty

Hi! With regards to application, please stay tune to our Bizad club Facebook page for more information :)

Camp Dates:
Biz Camp: 6-10 June
Oweek: 3-7 Aug
Rag: During the month of July

Hope this helps :)

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