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How do I reference in text and on my reference page for websites?

In-text citation: (Author, year), e.g. (Office for National Statistics, 2013).
Full reference: Author. (Year published/last updated) Title of the internet site [italic]. Available at: URL. (Accessed: date).
For example:
Office for National Statistics. (2013) Bla-bla-bla. Available at: (Accessed: 19 July 2013).
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"The new politics of the NHS: from creation to reinvention" do you have this book in stock the search is not helping me thanks

Our supplier has made a mistake with ordering the book in question. They are dealing with that as the matter of urgency. We expect the book any day now. Sorry for this enconvenience. All who reserved the book at will get a call as soon as it's available. Use also & (on-campus only at the moment)

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Hi, I have a book that is due today but the link will not let me renew this, could you please tell me if this is possible to renew?

Yes! Either call 02476243263 or email (we'll need your student ID) or scan the QR code in the book with your smartphone.

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why can't i access facebook in my spare time

Good question :) You can access Facebook in your spare time - just use the college wi-fi either on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Select NWHCwifi network and login with your student number (on your card) and password.

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membership expired

Nom probs! Re-join here: It may take up to 24 hours to process your request.

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What's new in the library for 2013-2014?

More new books, easier access to ebooks and downloadable video content, refurbished eduLab... A lot of developments are still in progress, so the list will be longer by September.

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I can't access ebooks from home. What's happened?

Right now, ebooks are not available from home - sorry for that. We are working on implememting a new way of doing it. Hopefully, in next few weeks we'll be there. Meanwhile, ebooks can be accessed from any college desktop PC without a password.

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What is your favorite mobile app?

Google Maps

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What are you doing here?

Seeing whether this site can be use by the college library to help its users with the questions they may have.

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What is the first animal you would run to see if you went to the zoo?

Computer bug

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What address will you remember forever?

How are you feeling right now?


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iPhone or Android?

Both, Windows is good too

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What is your idea of perfect relaxation?

Post-gym meal

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Who are your enemies?


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