Ask @nwilhelmina:

Ceritaiin dong kmrn ulang tahun gimana? Ada di surprise ga kak? Hahaha

Aku di surprisein sama cila, elen, mike hehe 💝 senang sekali soalnya tiba-tiba banget. Pantesan mereka mau nganterin gue pulang anjir haha abis itu di surprise-in sama keluarga yang kuenya abstrak banget. Mereka sih bilangnya itu kue Arctic Monkeys padahal ngga keliatan AM dari segimanapun haha. Ya itu aja sih.. I spent my birthday mostly di electro run! It was sooooo fun :)

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Dear , HighSchool' friends

Gosh, I can't believe all our hard works for these past three years are finally over. We'll just have to wait for the result and I believe, we'll make it! Kuliah pasti kita misah-misah, but semoga kita masih keep in touch all the time dan ketemuan terus ya! I really wanna say my biggest deepest sorry from the bottom of my tiny tiny fragile little heart if I have ever cause any troubles that make y'all sad and angry. I know gue cewe terbangsat yang pernah kalian temuin (dikutip dari omongan sherly) but I do that because I'm being myself and being myself makes me comfortable and that means I am comfortable and put so much trust in all of you. AHHHHHHH 😭 goodluck teman-teman. Fuck you all and go to hell. (Di baca: love you forever teman-teman)

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Dear ex-bf/gf?

I'd be lying if I say I didn't regret all the things that happened to 'us'; even the best memories of us got me irritated, see? That's just how much I regret it.
Dear oh dear, please don't break any other hearts. You broke mine and I hope that'll be your first and the last time of you doing that kind of horrible thing. But after all, thank you. You're a lesson to be learned.

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pap sesuatu

My dog named Chiko just died today in the early morning when I was about to go to Church. Last night, I prayed with him for him to get better, but I didn't get a chance to say that I'm sorry for not being loyal to him. He is truly a good friend of me and my family. I finally managed to say my sorry when he died while holding his tiny hand. He must be going to be a good dog up there :) i believe. Thank you and I love you, Chiko.

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Mnurut lu cewe yang jelek kata cowo2 gmn? mereka kan ga pengen jd jelek?

Yes, not their choice. But what can we do. ..but I asked my brother for an answer and a little bit of solution, so here it is,
Step 1: Pray to God
Step 2: Find a guy who'll love you for who you are.
And if those steps doesn't work
just get a fucking plastic surgery."
He's mean.
I know.

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