But I gat a question, why aren't you sleeping?

Becausee I never sleep
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So you kinda saying you don't know what you are, okay let's just say you an alien.

okeyy.. I don't like ur planet lmao

Well you can still leave cuz it's a free world lol

I left everything I had

Do you wanna go get'em cuz I can help with that

how can u help

Remember when I said I'm a human, well I forgot to mention I gat spirits living in me. I just need to ask them for help

It's not spirit.. u just ate something what makes u feel bad

Meeeeeeeeee? I don't need help, and I definitely don't feel bad

what kind of drugs do u take?

I get high on my own lmao

I can't decide if u're weird or such a interesting

Well, you gotta pick

I will.. but trully I don't even know ur name

I don't just like em, do you do drugs? if yes i want a taste

don't call em drugs.. It's just a way how to see real world

Click on the photo (mine) it's gonna take you to my profile

u're in anonymous

See real world huh, been seeing the real world since I was a kid. What you see is a different planet lol

yes I like it

We all do

I mean I like my own world.. I like the way how I see everything.. and everybody has it different

Well if you must know, I have been on earth for 17 centuries

In ur world I'm 1666

Well alien girl, it was nice chatting with you but my spirits want me to go to sleep now.

alright Demon.. sweet dreams