Kak Kent!! This may kind of seem like an odd question but, what would you like to recommend to your non-indonesian friends that will be visiting Jakarta? For around 5 days. In terms of food and destinations :) Thank you!

Let's see... I'll probably recommend:
1. Babi guling Ko Made di Muara Karang (it's haram btw) because i believe babi guling cuma ada di Indonesia?
2. Still on the same street, I'll bring him to martabak Sinar Bulan buat makan martabak manis because you haven't been to Indonesia if you haven't eaten martabak manis yalord.
3. I...guess Masjid Istiqlal? Make sure to educate your non-Indonesian friend to tutupin aurat.
4. I'll also bring them to Plaza Indonesia to experience the luxury Indonesia has to offer. Bonus point kalo dilewatin jalan belakang (Tanah Abang masih bisa dilewatin ga?) biar dia bisa melihat kontrasnya Jakarta.
5. Bakmi Agoan (haram) di Puri because that's legit the best bakmi I've ever eaten.
3/5 of the recommendation is food. No wonder I'm getting fat.

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