He cheated on me, and now he got a new girlfriend. It has been 7months but the wound is still bleeding right in the place where he stabbed. I failed to move on, stressed out, fell into eating disorder. And now i hate him, his new gf...and i hate my self even more. Do you ever feel the same?

No but I've been on the other side without the cheating part.
I am sorry to hear what happened to you. I truly am.
I hope you realize that what he did doesn't and will never define who you are.
Someday you'll look back to this day. To this very question you asked me. To this very answer you're reading. And you'll laugh that everything and every decision you've made since the day you broke up leads you to that someday. And you'd be happy. You'd be content. And you wouldn't change anything even if you could.
Until then, please know there's nothing you're not worthy of.

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