How lucky ur gf, she got u. Envy her😥

We're both lucky to have found each other.
You know, back in high school when I was still dating my ex, my friends would often say that I was lucky to date someone so beautiful as her (my ex).
To which I could only respond with "hahaha iya nih hoki banget."
But we broke up and years passed.
Now that I'm dating Jeanice, I still hear my friends say that I was lucky to date someone as pretty as Jeanice.
But now I don't just say "haha iya gue hoki" but I say "we're both lucky."
I don't know if I've grown up or something else. But dating Jeanice makes me realize how important it is to date someone who wants to be with you. Who actually treasures you. Who is actually proud of who you are.
So, when you're looking for a relationship, make sure to date someone who values you as much as you value them.

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