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Is this a danger ronpa

It Once Was
It actually started out as a DR au by Mana and I but it's gone so beyond that that now it's more so inspired by games like dangan ronpa and 999!

who is the strongest murder friend

cokealoka’s Profile Photocoke
UH !? BILL!?? in theory could crush you in an arm wrestling competition but actually he lets you win because he's a nice guy
who is the strongest murder friend

which of ur ocs would u smooch.......

none of them they're all Disgusting
which of ur ocs would u smooch
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hello fellow baby who is ur fav oc tell me abt them

i like a lot of my ocs but theyre all garbage I'LL LIST TWO OF MY FAVS
Andrey: i have a really strong attachment to him ok i've identified with him the most but lately it's gotten to a point where theres been some crazy development!! i've been talking to Bacon (pooplerpig@twitter) a ton because Andrey has a really crazy relationship with her character Eli AND IT GETS ME SO HYPE!!!
Luke: I like Luke because hes the bitchiest character i have. his fiancee screwed him over and turned him into something he doesn't want to be but he has to deal with it and he's seeking revenge against her!!!! he doesn't give a shit about anything but himself anymore and he's sassy and rude and hates everybody WHO DOESN'T LOVE GRUMPY CHARACTERS!!!!

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