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Anything fun you are looking forward to?

Asides from the week break I get at the end of August, not really.

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I like you. Enough to be scared to say so, so I'm kind of hoping it'll go away soon. Thoughts?

I don't bite.

Well my person doesn't miss things. I'd take that as a yes then.

Good for you, and yes, that's a yes.

So you are not sure then? If you like to think so? I don't think its the right grammar sha.

...as its your right sha.

Ha I know but I said the full name origination Gan Gan confirm i.e. Where it came from ni! I'm doing well if you are o.

Lmao. Okay bro. I guess I don't know my name well enough.

Hi Obafunmito! How are you doing great man?

Ha. It's just Obafunto. I'm doing well. How about you?

So the thing is, you know me from somewhere and I seem pretty interested in you but if you get to know its me, you might have a wrong impression or even get vexed which wouldn't make the friendship clean and all. And then I'm more of a shy person and an introvert and you seem mean from some answers.

You see, not such a long story and ha, don't judge me from askfm. I promise I'm not mean. And no 'getting vexed' will be happening. That would be silly.

I so want to be your friend but I can't stop being anonymous 😢. Please don't be mean in your reply.

What's stopping you?


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