Ask @obey_stefon:

For now you should just live your life. When the time comes you'll meet the right person. You're still young and you'll be constantly growing as a person. Explore the world. Be independent. Be your own person. Understand yourself before you're truly ready to understand someone else.

The way I look at it, if I can find a person that is willing to do whatever they need to in order to keep me motivated & pursuing my passion, goals, while also gaining the knowledge I crave -I return the favor by treating them with the highest level of perfection I can; showing them that they are a universe & hold many things that are taken for granted each and every day. I'd teach them their worth, show them their potential. I would just need them to want the same from me - to build me up to be the best I can be. I don't think that's much to ask for to be honest, but in my mind that's how the perfect relationship works. As long as two souls work together and want to be as one, than things will prosper. Love will conquer all because it is the destroyer of fear and makes man push all known limitations. Love will make people do the most damned things for the sake of love, "just have to find someone who's demons mix well with yours."

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You're making it seem like your nothing without a girl my grandfather been single for longtime don't make him less than a man than he is you need to wake up lil boy

I'm pretty sure I'm something, and with the amount of shit I've been through I wouldn't consider myself little.
I'll be 20 next year, "lil boy".
I'm not your grandfather, nor have I lived a lifetime.
I'm pretty awake as opposed to everyone else that's oppressed around here.
I'm a photographer, poet, writer, joy-bringer, environmental activist, my own person, my own voice, I make my own choices, I work a 7-7 job & I'm about to move into my own place at the age of 19.
I got pretty far without a girl, it would just be nice to enjoy my accomplishments with someone who wants me for me.

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