Ask @octaviarose5:

What is a dream you've never said out Loud? 🌚

I had a MAJOR girl crush on this chick in my high school class, so basically, I ask her to help me in a different room and we flirt with each other before she whispers in my ear, and I mean like, I swear I could feel her breath and it sent chills thru me even after I woke up LOL Unfortunately when she whispered I woke up before things could get wild 🙄

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What means of transport do you consider to be the safest? Why?

I would have to say it’s airplanes. Airplanes have a rare chance to crash but because they rarely do the media goes nuts when it does making them sound scary. TSA also does a great job at keeping any dangerous people from hijacking it. The last time I heard of a terrorist attack on a plane was 9/11 but I live in America so it might be different for other countries.

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