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Idk I miss him :/ he was my bestfriend too. I didnt just lose a bf i lost my bestfriend & it hurts & I realize it that he did everything for me & I was so looking to what he did wrong & Im so stupid.Im so blind.I lost him & im not getting him back. Hes with the new guurl. :c

you let go of the relationship instead of fixing it

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Advice?I was with this guy but I left him cause I started liking this other guy. Well like im with the guy I like & well My ex is with this new gurl hes talking to & they start flirting & I got so JEALOUS.I wanted to like hit the girl with a door cx but idk . Help?

you still like or love your ex
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You & Benji Are So Cute(x But when you guys "met" you didn't like him huh? What made you choose him :D ?Btw Youa re Abckdhek <3.<3

yes i did ?


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