Ask @officiallyzaynmalik:

Zayn I am so sorry about you and Gigi :’( you guys were so much in love with each other :’( I loved you and Gigi together you guys were so cute together I love you your fan Nikki

It's okay, relationships end. I just wish I could have been there for Gigi and her family on the 30th. I met her grandma before, and I know she was a great person, so I can only imagine the pain Gigi, Bella, Yolanda and Anwar are feeling

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Hi bro,how are u? Hope well. I've come to know about u from Tiffany woodson rae. She said me that she loves you and your family so much. I think That my friend tiffany woodson will play it cool for you she said she's member of the wildcats also so intelligent and kind hearted lady So accept her luv.

Sahidul Islam
Why should I accept her love? If anything I should file a complaint because she’s obsessed.. and besides, she thinks someone else is me, and she’s “dating” me, when she’s not.

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