Ask @ohDanee:

why would shilah amzah stanning exo would be a bad thing?

Lol, i never said that its wrong its just as a fangirl myself, i'm kinda jealous of her since shes got an advantage (from being a celeb) and she probably got more than 15% chances to meet/know them but on the other hand she as a Malaysia exo-l might help Malaysian exo-l to get recognition so that exo will know there's this country called Malaysia and what an awesome exo-l they have here.

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who is millennium boys?

Ok , So basically MB or so called EXO-T is a imitation of the original south korea boy group, EXO. EXO-T as T represent thailand.. They are supposed to be group that ONLY cover exo's dance chereo but but butttttttt, they plagiarize exo's logo, autograph signing, selling merchandise, etc. etc.

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