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If you were on a sinking boat with Liam,Harry,Louis,niall,and Zayn, and you could yourself.and one of them, which would you save?

omg what kind of question is this are u trying to kill me like my brain is exploding. idk who I'd pick ugh ok let's see. I wouldn't save Lou because I mean he dresses like he owns a boat so therefore, he stays with the damn boat. okay, Zayn can't swim so that means I'd be swimming him back to shore the whole time and I can't do that shit ok I'm a 15 year old and I'm not doing that but hey, I love u Zayn. Okay hmmm. Wow this is hard. Well Liam made me drown in payzer feels and crushed my heart so I guess I'd let him sink. Poor baby I love him tho. Okay, it's between Harry and niall oh lord. Well I think I'd save niall bc I feel like he would protect me from shower of cunts and stuff so whatever ok fine I pick niall there U HAPPY. Heart is now broken

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