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Haha okay will my guy butt is bigger than yours so i win :p

honestly probably is😂😂 I don't have much of an ass anyways

Well hopefully you can get back together. And can i slap your butt to say good game

I don't think we will and nah dood

Why she break up? You went out for 3 weeks

I guess I'm not the right person for her? who knows? it was 3 weeks so not that big of a deal

How do i know if a girl is dirty and freaky?

you get her in the bedroom really that's the only way to know or if she's open about what she's done

What color and design should i get at tge salon since im a guy :)

get the side of your head faded and long on the top so you can style it with gel

So if i slapped your butt on accident would your gf beat me up because im ready sweetie

She broke up with me..


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