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Have you ever felt copied? When I posted this song on my Instagram story, people from my town started posting songs of that genre. I know I was the inspiration because no one listens to 90s Europop in Redondo Beach. I am the only one.


Do you think that in 20 years, people will look back at our current technology and consider it outdated, much like how we view technology from two decades ago? I feel like we're already so advanced that it's hard to imagine how much further we can go.


Why do the people you love always leave you?

And you’ll know they love you if they come back

What do you do if you find newborn puppy or kitten on the road that seems to be abandoned

Pick it up

On a serious note I truly forgive you and I apologize for my part in this. I love and support everything you do. And I understand why you did what you did. I don't hold any grudges and would simply like to be your friend if possible ❤️. I miss you and hearing your sweet sweet voice sooo much. 🤗🤗



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