kak kak ff awal kyungsoo ketemu sm ceweknya dong :"")))) ceweknya aware ato gmn gt kalo psycho *penasaran*

udah malem jadi ngablu dikit buatnya ya. I still have no idea buat pertama ketemu tapi ya ini pas awal kyungsoo jadian aja ya & turned out he has special habit. also, I use my name since I couldnt let it in blank lol. here you go:
they say love is blind.
"Can I call you mine?" was the very first thing you said after that chocolate mint kiss you've given to me.
"I'm.... yours.... already?" I smiled shyly.
"Yes, you are." he pulled me closer and gave me one more kiss, it was a passionate kiss, no lust at all.
"you're bleeding."
I saw my wrist kept bleeding. stupid me, he must be worried.
"it's okay. I just accidentally touched the broken glass pieces at home"
Kyungsoo took my bleeding hand, kissed it and I swear he almost sucked it off
"????!!! Kyung- hhhhh"
"I don't know if you would be this beautiful in red?"
"Kyungsoo please stop...."
Kyungsoo stopped and looked at me angrily.
"how dare you"
"Kyungsoo, it hurts so much.... please gimme seconds"
I showed him all the new wounds on my legs and hands, once he started he couldn't stop.
Kyungsoo kneeled down and touched my face, "did I hurt you?"
I could see his long eyelashes, his eyes spoke sadness and a sorry. I shaked my head
"it's okay. I just need a break." was all that I could say, tried to sweep away the pain.
'psycho' was the only one people kept telling to me when I told them bout Kyungsoo.
"he's not psycho"
"Ris, stop it. he's hurting you. you are like a broken apple pie right now. you look terrible."
"I'm just... I need more sleep."
"NO! OH GOD Ris you need Jesus for sure. Stop this shit with him He's insane."
no. you all just don't know he has special habit.
"are you a psycho?" Kyungsoo stopped chewing his gum and looked at me
"why did you say such a harsh thing to me?"
"I'm asking."
"I am not."
I smiled, I knew it, he is not a psycho. you all just don't know even a thing bout him.
"I.... I love you" He said as he hugged me, sucked my neck and gave me a little hickey
"you're mine."
"uhh huh"
he pulled off his hug and stared at me, touched my face then stopped on my neck
"can I paint here?" he asked with an innocent eyes.
"people would see it, Kyungsoo"
"then wear turtleneck! please let me????"
I nodded, and all I could remember is he was screaming dramatically, saying sorry over and over again.
I almost died.
they say love is blind, so here I am.
stop asking why do I keep going with him.
him, Do Kyungsoo; not a psycho, yet he has special habit.