waktu unyu kak ris sama d.o? ((;

well, i guess you asked for a fic. I'm not good but let's give a try:
Rissa was sitting in the cafe, all by herself, alone. She was enjoying her coffee.
"I'm late." Kyungsoo was standing there, with sweats running down his face.
"did you run to get here?"
"for you? yes."
Kyungsoo ruffled her hair then sat beside her. Kyungsoo loved to see how Rissa gave him that pouty face and mad stare. He knew his girl was freaking excited for this date and he just ruined it out.
"I'm sor-"
"it's ok, your event is /more/ important."
"you didn't even let me finish it."
"what for? I already knew what would you say, Kyung."
Kyungsoo took her hand, kissed it and hold it even tighter.
"I'm really sorry... I didn't mean to ruin our day like this but it always turned out-"
"to be like this. it's ok, I already got it since the very first time we decided to have a relationship. this is the responsibility for being an activist's girlfriend."
He just couldn't find any way to sweep the madness, he was tired and his girlfriend was mad at him. Kyungsoo cursed his own self for being so un-sensitive.
hey, an idea ran on his mind
"are you busy?"
"now? we're on our date Kyung."
"I mean, after this, Rissa."
"no, I don't have even a thing to do."
"would you like- ehm- go to- ehm my house?" Kyungsoo asked carefully since this would be the very first time he asked a girl to come over his house.
All he got was a O_O face from Rissa, but then the girl nodded with a bright smile. He finally found a way to apology.
Rissa amazed at how simple and beautiful Kyungsoo's room is. it painted with white color on the wall, you could find black bed and yeah some simple furniture in the room.
"you're sure a clean boy."
"I live here alone, ofcourse I should clean everything alone, babe."
in seconds, Rissa could feel her cheeks burning because of the 'babe'. Kyungsoo realized it, he pulled Rissa closer and looked deeply into her eyes.
"are you shy?"
"I- I'm not!!"
"Rissa, I'm really sorry for today..."
"this should be our 3rd date but I ruined it out and made you mad."
Kyungsoo kept talking as Rissa listened to him, it wasn't the first time he said sorry for ruining their date.
"can I kiss you?"
"........huh?" was the only thing Rissa could say when she finally got back to reality.
"can I kiss you?" Kyungsoo asked carefully.
"Kyungsoo what the-"
She couldn't finish it, Kyungsoo pulled her and let their lips touched for the very first time (yeah, after 2 fucking years everyone) ((cheers!))
Kyungsoo pulled his lips and hugged her tight, so tight until he couldn't even breathe. But he wouldn't to loose it, he loved to smell her scent.
"I love you." as he kissed her left ear and went down to her neck.
"I love everything bout you."
"sssh, I'm the one who's talking & you're listening ok?"
Rissa nodded and that was how their 3rd date went, because finally Kyungsoo touched Rissa like a boyfriend, who knows they would do this and that eh?

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