Ka mau dong dibikinin sama pcy sebelum puasa wakakak

Aprodita Radisti
He woke up, searching for something
"what's going on?"
the boy turned his head, smiling
"hi Al"
"it's 4 freaking 17 am, Chanyeol"
"sorry, I just-"
"school is being suck to me, I just slept at 3 and you woke me up when I finally touched dreamland."
Al pouted, she wasn't being too much but really, she was going to have exams this morning and needed sleep /that/ much.
"Al, I'm sorry..."
"I think I'm gonna sleep at the couch."
Al said it as took her blanket and stoop up, right before she touched the door; Chanyeol grabbed her waist
"you're not going anywhere"
"I am"
Chanyeol snuggled to his girl's neck and perked a kiss on it.
"you sleep here. with me."
"no way. you move too much when sleep, it bothers me."
"I wouldn't move! so I wouldn't wake you up again!"
Al sighed, Chanyeol always act like this, a kiddo. It wasn't like she didn't want to sleep with him.
"is there any way to make you stop moving on bed and just stay still so I could sleep peacefully huh?"
Chanyeol blanked out, but then he smirked
"there's one"
Chanyeol pulled Al in one grab and hugged her while laying her down together with him.
"w-what are you doing pervert?!?!?" Al screamed out loud for what Chanyeol just done
"hug me"
"you didn't hug me for 3days already I got confused and lost. hug me and I won't move at all" He said with a sad face, begging for love.
Al couldn't ignore it. she hugged her boy tight
"sorry... school is being too suck"
"I miss you Al"
"even when we live together and meet each other like 24/7? I don't get you"
Chanyeol giggled on her ear, he kissed it and looked at Al
"I mean"
"I miss something like"
"are you sure you want to know?"
"Chanyeol time is money. I'm going to sleep."
Chanyeol got panicked
in seconds, Chanyeol already put his lips on Al's lips. you would see how Al's eyes got bigger in shock.
Chanyeol smiled on his kiss then he pulled his lips.
"you jerk" Al cursed while snuggling to Chanyeol's chest
"your one and only jerk, Al" he smiled proudly.
"I AM SLEEPING. I DON'T HEAR YAAAA" she screamed but Chanyeol just hugged her tighter
"yes, I love you too."

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