kak buat lagi huhu pusing tapi seneng aja bacanya luv luv

it wasn't the first time they had fight, Kyungsoo just felt so tired of everything and that was how the shit started even worst as everything slipped out from his lips.
"I think we need a break"
Rissa looked a bit confused.
"we. need. a. break." Kyungsoo repeated it once more, he didn't feel any doubt to repeat it even more.
"break up?"
Kyungsoo placed himself closer to her, realizing he made wrong direction.
"Rissa, I didn't mean-"
"is it because of your oh-so-full-packed-schedule-damnit?"
"you mis-"
"I don't. well, I heard there's one of popular girls in your class tried to get your attention. geez, I think she got it."
Kyungsoo sighed.
"I'm not interested to her"
"yet, you're interesting for her."
"Rissa, you're just keep misunderstanding everything. stop acting like a kid."
that was enough to boil Rissa's mind. she stood up and took her bag.
"where are you going?" Kyungsoo grabbed her hand, he knew he should fix this shit fast because the papers are waiting for him tonight.
"give you a break. just like you've asked me to"
"no. you're just running away."
damn it, Kyungsoo cursed himself for saying something in wrong direction again.
Rissa pulled her hand from Kyungsoo. she looked really mad as tears started to come out.
"why are you being so harsh today?" she asked as calm as she could. Kyungsoo didn't realize the tears
"I'm just telling the truth."
"screw you. I'm leaving."
"you aren't. stay. stop running away everytime we have arguments." Kyungsoo grabbed her hand again, forced her to sit in front of him. He hold both her hands and tried to calm himself first before slip out stupid thing again.
"listen until I finish every single word"
"answer me"
"you asked me to listen to you. then you forced to give you an answer. what do you want, Jesus."
Kyungsoo smiled, she was right.
"what I mean bout 'break' is we stop fighting, Rissa. not we're breaking up."
"da hel-"
"meh, what have I asked you to?"
Rissa nodded and Kyungsoo smiled
"good girl. and that girl got nothing from me. also I don't find my full packed schedule bother our relationship."
"it's just, we need to have a break everytime we start to fight over useless thing."
Kyungsoo looked at Rissa, waiting for her reply but he got nothing.
screw him, he realized Rissa just did what he asked to
"you can talk now."
"you're too unpredictable ok. I'm still lost."
"in my orbit?" Kyungsoo giggled
"it's not EXO's song, Kyungsoo." Rissa face palmed him. Kyungsoo cupped her chin and smiled warmly.
"so, we're taking a break?"
"more like we stop fighting"
Kyungsoo nodded happily & saw how his girl ducking her lips. damnit, he couldn't help it anymore.
"don't be mad at me because of our stupid fight we lost so much time"
it was just in a blink when Kyungsoo already left a red mark on her neck
"I told you we lost so much time"
"b- but your papers" she tried to speak properly, she tried to not show how she enjoys the pleasure
"it can wait, forever" he smirked