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"I'm going to introduce you to my friends." Chanyeol said, making you stop spooning tartcake into your mouth
"is it ok?" he asked again, you looked at him and nodded. well, it was a good idea since Chanyeol already knew each of your friends but you haven't really known even one of his friends; couldn't not to mention that you both went to different college and this relationship is 2months on going
"sunday at 2pm, okay?"
"wow she's hella cute!" Sehun said with a bright smile as he saw you, in flower pinkish tee and skirt. you nodded, feeling your cheeks turned red
"thankyou." you said to him, come on this Sehun guy is way too perfect, no one is going to believe he's a pure Korean
"ooooh! so she's the one that you keep talking bout, Chanyeol!" Jongin blurted out it with a teasing look but then he gently gave his hand,
"I'm Jongin." he gave you a warm, should say, the warmest smile you've ever seen.
Chanyeol got annoyed by these two guys who kept trying to get your attention as much as they could, he pulled your arm and made your back hit his chest
"distance please." he said to Sehun and Jongin, the both tall guys laughed
"hey Channie, we just want to know bout her!"
"you both already knew her name and that's all."
"uh since when you're being so possessive?" Jongin teased him
"maybe since that girl left him haha." Sehun joined the teasing section
you got dumbfounded, didn't know what were they talking bout 'that girl'? should be Chanyeol's ex. you looked at Chanyeol, he didn't give any reaction
"she's not as beautiful as Sulli, so you have no worry. we wouldn't take her from you" Sehun said as Jongin hit his arm to make him realize he just said wrong thing.
You went blank. 'Sulli'? you didn't even know that name, but the way Sehun said it just........hurt you? you looked at Chanyeol, more like begging for him to say a thing but all you found was Chanyeol's sad face.
Sulli is his ex. you just realized it now. "Chanyeol, I think I forget to tell you I have another appointment today?" you asked as calm as you could, but your voice turned out too trembling. Chanyeol realized it, he wanted to grab your hand but you pushed it away, accidentally?
"I- I should go now!" you said and bowed to Sehun and Jongin, you stopped to look at Chanyeol; he was like spaced out? you smiled "I'll text you later, ok?" and by then you left. you could hear Jongin screamed 'you stupid' to Sehun as he said sorry to Chanyeol.
"can we meet?" was a text from Chanyeol, 3 days later after the 'accident'. you both texted as usual but it felt so wrong; it felt like there was a gap. you knew you have to solve this shit so you sent him a yes & told him to meet you this afternoon.
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