Hello! Mind to write a Kai-centered shortfic for me? I love your writing and I need a motivation to finish my fan-art that I'm going to send for ASC. It's okay if you don't want to tho. Thankyou~

let's give it a try! p.s.: goodluck for your fanart! ❤
"have you finished it?" Jongin asked while looking at the girl beside him.
"not yet."
"hhhh, you ignored me for 2 hours already." Jongin played with her hair, asking for attention. She turned her head and smiled.
"30 minutes more, please?"
Jongin couldn't say no so he nodded, she pat Jongin's head and drowned herself again into her paint. Jongin just spent another 30 minutes to stare at his dearest one.
"are you tired?" Jongin asked as he gave a cup of hot chocolate
"thanks. uh yes, but the deadline is the day after tomorrow so i should finish it now."
"it's ok, you need sleep" he was worried bout her, she skipped sleep for like 5days already. Jongin couldn't help to force her since he had full packed dance practice schedule too. Jongin ruffled her hair, stared at her again. He felt so damn wrong for not being able to accompany her.
"I'm too busy with dance practice. I should be with you and help you. I'm sorry" she put her cup on the table, took Jongin's hand and hold it tight.
"don't be sorry, you have comeback stage soon." she chuckled as it's an usual thing.
but deep down in her heart, she was frustrated and missed Jongin. she never expected she would end up as an artist's girlfriend because it feels hella suck.
she was imagining beautiful relationship when both of them could freely held hands and walk everywhere together, not freaking hide everything.
"it always feels good when you touch me like this." Jongin said as he pulled her back to reality.
"it is?" she blankly asked and Jongin nodded.
"I always want to bring you everywhere so I could hug you everytime I want to..."
"but I can't"
Jongin looked up and smiled sadly.
"I'm sorry for this too."
she didn't realize anything until Jongin hugged her tight, so tight as he won't ever let her go.
"please don't leave me... I know I'm selfish because I always be the one who leaves you but don't leave me..."
she couls feel Jongin's tears on her shirt, she hugged Jongin back.
"it's okay. I won't leave you, Jongin."
Jongin pulled himself and swept his tears, he felt ashame to cry in front of his girl right now. she giggled seeing how cute Jongin is.
"I love you Jongin" the words calmly out from her lips, Jongin cupped her face.
"I love me too" he said jokingly and erased the distance between them. it was a passionate kiss, a warm one with love in it. Jongin hugged her, protectively.
"please don't promise me anything" Jongin stared at her, a bit confused
she hold his hand again, leaned her head on Jongin's chest
"let's just do it, without any spoken sweet words. let's just do it because promises made to be broken, memories made to be remembered."
Jongin smiled and nodded, he used his other hand to reach her face, kissed that plump lips once again. more passionately. he's so thankful for having her, his one and only, his dearest one.

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