rijjang bikinin ff jongin lagi ya saat rijjang sempat i luv u

"didn't I tell you to not touch the box?" Jongin asked, in a very mad voice. She put the box and smiled, searching for an excuse
"I just-"
"I thought both of us got privacy?" he asked again, took the box and hold it tight
"Jongin, I just want to know what's on that box!" she finally screamed out because Jongin always be /this/ sensitive over that creepy silver box
"none of your business" he turned back coldly, she just couldn't believe how Jongin ignored her. it's Kim Jongin, her boyfriend
"fine. whatever." as she walked away, left Jongin who secretly regretted what he just said.
"you shouldn't do that" was the only thing your friend told you. you frowned
"I'm the victim here???"
"no, you're not. remember how you two ended up together with kind of /promise/ to give each other privacy?" she reminded you, your face got burned with madness
"I'm just afraid it's something for other girl..." you sighed, Jongin is kind of popular in your college and it's fucking annoying how girls keep trying to get him away from you
"he's faithful, you said it dozen times to me."
"he was.... but idk now. he is like someone else, a stranger. I don't think this shit could keep going well."
"don't think too much, just say it to him" was the last thing before she left you.
he didn't even turn his head to look you. you sighed, you knew it. this shit couldn't keep going anymore.
"I want to end this relationship"
Jongin immediately turned his head with shock face. "WHAT?" you took a deep breathe, "I want to end this shit with you"
"what did you just call our relationship?"
"this. s h i t."
he grabbed your hand roughly, pulled you as your nose touched his.
"how dare you?" he stared at you like a hungry tiger "Jongin, get away from me. you hurt me" you hissed, tried to calm yourselves.
"wth is wrong with you?" he asked, still in high note
"no, it's like WTH IS WRONG WITH THAT FUCKING SILVER BOX?!?!?" you screamed, you couldn't held it anymore. you were being paranoid.
"Jongin, you should tell me if there's other girl or someone else like it's ok. don't hide anything please...." you begged, he was spaced out. his glare turned softer
"this is why you're being moody thesedays?" he asked, more like whispered and you nodded
Jongin giggled
"you're so impatient"
Jongin took the silver box from his bag, opened it and took something. he grabbed your hand, put something on your finger
"I should give this on our 2nd anniversary" you stared at your hand, it was a beautiful silver ring
"sorry, I couldn't give you anything more. the parttime job as a dancer doesn't give me so much." he smiled warmly as he looked deeply, into your heart
"but, yeah, soon... I'm gonna replace it with the official one."
"please wait a lil bit longer, okay?" you couldn't help it, you hugged him. let out your tears, the tears for being so stupid and didn't trust your man. Jongin hugged you, placed a kiss on your forehead
"I love you."

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