Kak Rissa, ff Kyungsoo kalo pacarnya sakit dongg

it would be a shameless thing since I would go for kyungris lol. hope you're fine with it! ;;
"where should I paint it? on your waist?" he asked while protectively backhugging her.
"Rissa?" he asked, more like demanding. he pushed her and crawled on her. Kyungsoo stared at her, she looked a lil bit pale.
"are you ok?" Kyungsoo got softer than before (well, he's a psycho so he keeps changing in minutes). Rissa nodded, she didn't feel like to open her mouth to say even a yes or no. Kyungsoo got mad again, when he was ready to bite her neck but then he stopped.
Rissa's neck was so warm... more like.... too warm.... he pulled himself.
"you didn't finish me?" she finally talked, in a very weak tone. Kyungsoo's stare got warmer than he usually did.
"you got fever." he said as he pulled her into his arms.
"it's not a big deal though. I miss you..." Rissa hugged him and snuggled into his chest. it felt so damn good to stay like this.
"I miss you too but I can't do it to a sick person" she just nodded and let Kyungsoo hugged her, tighter and tighter, as he silently kept biting and sucking her neck; well he said he couldn't do it but geez, he just couldn't held it.
"is it honey or lemon?"
"honey. I've told you three times already. just bring it all to me." Rissa said on the phone, she has waited for like one hour because Kyungsoo said he would come to her house
"but I thought you need le-"
"Kyungsoo, you come or not? I'm going to sleep" she said lazily, the fever got worst and it was already 2days off for her, she just couldn't deal Kyungsoo more.
Kyungsoo ran out the market and drove his car crazily.
"you should pay for this, Ris" he said with a smirk.
"feel better?" Kyungsoo put the honey tea & sat beside Rissa, as his hand on her waist, possessively.
"so much better, thankyou." she gave him a smile, it always been good to have so-normal-Kyungsoo.
"so, you're fine now?" Kyungsoo whispered to her left ear
Kyungsoo smacked her lips, didn't let her anticipate what's next, he broke the kiss & looked at how Rissa tried to catch her breathe properly
"you're.... GEEZ KYUNGSOO I AM SICK!!!" she tried to push him but Kyungsoo was just too strong and (actually) Rissa enjoyed his touch
"you're beautiful, with that dark circles, cracked voice, and how you tried hard to catch the oxygen, it made me want to make you beg for oxygen more." Kyungsoo giggled as he pulled her into another deep kiss.
"shut up"
"you're go-" Rissa tried /that/ hard just to push him away but it ended up making Kyungsoo got even more space to touch her there & there. Kyungsoo stopped then looked at his girl with that messy hair and almost unbutton shirt, he felt so proud of his 'masterpiece'
"I'm gonna heal you." he said as he's a fairy, Rissa just sighed.
"I'm your best medicine" he whispered then left some red marks on her neck, Rissa gave more sighs, she knew she would get sicker than this
Kyungsoo would join her