//shamelessly requesting a short fic of me x jongdae// would u mind ris??? :33333

Mayang kept checking her phone and frowned. she sighed, "3pm. oh yeah 3 fucking pm." she talked to herself, madly. she felt like it would be better if she just walked home and study for tomorrow's quiz.
she kept thinking bout it, without noticing a footstep behind her
"BOO!" Mayang threw her phone and jumped from the sofa.
"ahahaha you threw your phone hahahahahaha" she could hear that laugh, she turned her head
"JONGDAE!!!!" she screamed and hit Jongdae's arms. he's always playing around with her, but Mayang wasn't in good mood.
"hey hey stop! it hurts!" Jongdae hold her hands, Mayang stopped but she couldn't hide her madness
there was a silent between them, Jongdae felt guilty realizing his girl's mood was bad. he rub her hands
"hey, I'm sorry?"
"I'm going home." Mayang pulled her hands away from him, but Jongdae pulled it back made she frowned
"I'm sorry, babe?" Jongdae said it again, more like begging
"nope, it's ok. really. I just- we should meet at 3pm but well yeah ofcourse choir practice got your time more than anything so you postponed our date."
Jongdae nodded, puzzling his mind since he didn't understand
"so what's wrong?"
"I have important quiz tomorrow, Jongdae. I couldn't sit here, cuddling all day long with you when I have like 5 papers to be finished & obviously I have to study for tomorrow. I was planning everything perfectly, but yeah we just threw the precious 45minutes, so"
"Mayang, I'm sor-"
"stop it. really. no problem, I'm just going home." Jongdae sighed, he knew he couldn't win Mayang's heart when it comes to ~college thingy~
"I walk you home"
Mayang started to drown herself and concentrate to her papers, Jongdae was staying for 'maybe I could help you' reason & she had no interest to argue over it so she nodded.
"AAAAH WHATEVER" Mayang screamed, she got frustrated.
"do you need some help?" Jongdae asked softly, not wanting to bother her, Mayang turned her head. she was still mad at him but she hugged him. Jongdae smiled, she got softer than before. Jongdae knew how Mayang's mood swings up & down easily, he couldn't blame her so he chose to deal with it everytime.
"I'm here not to be one of those untouchable novels tho" Jongdae said, jokingly. Mayang looked up and found how perfect Jongdae's cheekbone is.
"I'm sorry" she said, she felt guilty to throw all madness to him everytime. Jongdae giggled.
he intertwined their fingers and kissed Mayang's hand
"need some refreshing?" he winked and Mayang knew what did he try to say
"maybe.......?" she replied, shyly
Jongdae smiled and pulled her away from her papers "we can't do this here, it would dirt your papers"
"so?" Mayang asked teasingly, made Jongdae turned his head to face her. he rolled his eyes like he was thinking it deeply, then he whispered to her ear
"sofa sounds fun?"

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