kak gantian ff pcy kalo pacarnya sakit dong aw :"3

"have you eaten?"
"how's the fever?"
"is your mom home? your father?"
"have you slept?"
she snoozed at all the unstoppable texts from Chanyeol. in seconds, Chanyeol name popped up.
"hello..." she said calmly as she picked up the phone call.
"BABYYYYY!!!!!! why did you give no reply? I thought you're passed out or something???" Chanyeol screamed, overdramatically on the phone. she almost shut the phone when she realized she missed his deep voice.
"I just want to reply it all but you called me?" an excuse. obviously.
"oooooooooh! are you alone at home?"
"yep. mom and dad got their th honeymoon in Hongkong so yeah I'm all alone, by myself."
"poor my baby~" Chanyeol teased you.
"shut up."
"do you need something?"
"....like what?"
"fuck you."
you could hear how Chanyeol's laugh tickled your ear. you were kind of lonely (a bit) and you missed him. you sighed.
"baby, I have another practice! once I finish it, I'll text you! don't forget to take your medicine & sleep ok?"
"bye bye princess" then that was how the phone call ended. you kept staring at his name. well, you couldn't blame him tho, it's his duty as an idol to keep practicing everyday for the new choreos since he's bit lack in dance.
8 P.M and you just kept changing the channel then threw your sight to untouched assignments.
ding dong
someone came & you thought it must be the delivery man because you just ordered pizza. you walked and opened the door when your eyes met his
"affection delivery special for you, lady." Chanyeol said as he embraced you into a hug
"don't you have practice?"
"I ran away"
"WHAT?" he laughed and walked into your house, holding your hands while closed the door.
"calm down, I told them I want to see you. it has been 3 weeks we haven't met and you're sick."
"I was but I'm fine now." you hate to be one of his reasons to not come for the practice. it's important for him. he realized how you felt so guilty then he patted your head
"I miss you."
"me too."
"ofcourse you are." he chuckled and he was going to kiss you until you stopped him
"you'll get fever, Chanyeol."
"you said you were sick?"
"uh... yeah..."
"it's a 'were' you're fine now, princess." then he just locked your lips with his. you hugged him, tight. he broke the kiss with biting your bottom lip, making you sighed in pleasure. Chanyeol stared at you, there was lust, needed, and you could see love in his eyes. he snuggled into your neck
"Chanyeol... stop...." he didn't stop, he kept kissing your neck, pressed your body even harder, he whispered
"I want to heal y-"
right before he finished his sentence you could hear someone shouted from outside
Intan Lestari@intanlestari_09
Princessa Ghassani@yeoleviosa
Gisella Novita Sari@gisellanvt
Dyah Rahayu Chantika@drchantika
Alfie rahmi ch@alfierahmi