kakk buat lagii yg xiumin dongg sekali ajaa huhuu baper parahh

"coffee?" Minseok put a cup of hot coffee.
"oh, hi Minseok." Nica smiled, it has been a bad day for her.
"can I sit here?"
Minseok looked how terrible the girl's face. dark circles on her eyes also she got paler. the main point was she didn't loud as usual.
"having a bad day?" Nica turned her head and smiled, signaling a 'yes'
"not really a big deal, it's just- well, I woke up late, my all plans messed up." Nica paused for seconds.
"there's no then."
"Nica, I've known you for 3 years, tell me."
Nica sighed, she knew she couldn't hide anything from him.
"my boyfriend dumped me, well he is an ex-boyfriend now."
"WHAT? why?"
"he is bored.... with me...." Nica almost cried, Minseok hold her hands and rubbed it.
"no no no, don't cry. I mean it's ok to cry but- how to say it? I don't like to see your tears." Minseok place his hand on Nica's cheeks, swept away all the tears.
"don't waste it for someone who doesn't worth even a second in your life, Nica. I love your smile, please smile more."
'I love your smile.' and Nica's heart's beat fast like a crazy.
it has been 3 months after the broke up, Nica has forgotten bout her ex and she spent almost everyday with Minseok. it has been a daily activity to keep chatting with him since high school but it's getting intense and Minseok often said 'goodnight, love.' or simply 'take care, my favorite!' and it made Nica weirdly happy, she knew she's in love.
Nica walked happily because she went for a ~date~ with Minseok today, just a movie date but still she felt so happy.
"sorry, I'm late." Minseok just arrived, handed her one cup of ice americano.
"it's ok, we still have 15 minutes. thankyou." it always been Minseok and coffee, he has addiction to coffee and it made Nica loved coffee too, somehow.
the movie date went well, Minseok once or twice touched Nica's hand. no complaint from her, she just let it be. as they walked to leave the cinema, Minseok hold her hand, making her stop walking
"what's wrong Minseok?"
"is it okay?" he asked, made a big question mark on Nica's face
"what is it?"
"is it okay...... if I hold your hand?" he asked, Nica smiled "it's fine. we're friends." she was bout to smile but she saw Minseok's face turned dark.
"Minseok, why?"
"how to say it? it's just I love your-"
"smile. ok." Nica said, Minseok always repeated a same thing. Nica got annoyed by it, not that she didn't like it. she wanted something more because she knew there's something special between Minseok and her.
"....yeah. I love your-"
"laugh. fine."
"why didn't you let me finish it?"
"you say it 10 times at least, each day."
"but I tell you the fact!" Minseok sighed, he has no good in confession thing. but Nica couldn't wait anymore, no, it was like now or we're friends forever.
"I love you, Nica. I love you."
"my jokes. yes I kn- what?" Minseok felt like he just won the world to see her reaction, he chuckled, and by that, he lowered his head to kiss Nica's cheek
"I love you, Nica"

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