karis ff kyungsoo lagiiii

I closed the book and sighed, damn final exams, damn assignments, damn college. geez, I couldn't stop nagging at everything bout college. I'm so tired.
I took my phone and checked twitter or askfm, in case I would find something interesting but then one notification popped up.
"hey ☺"
it was from Kyungsoo. I wasn't really in the mood to reply it but yeah I should because finally he texted me?
"hey too 😊" liar. I didn't even have any intention to smile.
"where are you now?"
"my room. nagging at my final exams week and dying over assignments. you?"
"haha, don't be. I spend my day at dorm today 😉"
"oh." I didn't know what to say anymore like I wasn't in the mood? but Kyungsoo was just too (un)sensitive.
"I think it's better for you to watch some animes or read some fics kyungsoo x you, maybe the smut ones? haha kidding. but really, get some fresh air."
you smiled a little bit. he was right, you need fresh air, anime and fics help but...
"HEY!! I don't read smut with you as the main character! 😒"
"because you just can do it with the real me? :p"
"Kyungsoo 😒"
he didn't give me a reply for like 30 minutes. again, I felt so damn desperate for final exams. I sighed and just randomly snuggled to my pillows.
I was bout to sleep but the one notification popped up again
'Do Kyungsoo sent a picture'
I got curious and opened the message, not so long he sent another message
"I'll be back soon, don't push yourself too hard. ok? good luck! -from me and mini me ❤"
I smiled. he's really unpredictable.