lanjutkan kak!
"I'm sorry." Chanyeol said, you stopped pouring sugar into your cup and looked at him
"my friends."
"they didn't do nothing wrong." but there was surely something wrong with us, you thought
"Sulli is my ex"
"I know, from the way Sehun talked bout her. she must be one of popular girl"
"she is."
"do you still love her?" the question slipped out and you just regretted it. Chanyeol looked at you in surprise. you knew it since the very first time Chanyeol asked you to be his girlfriend, everything seemed wrong, you're not /that/ special for such a perfect guy like him; tall, handsome, humorist, have good sense in music, smart. it felt like he was searching for someone to run from the other one.
"why did you ask it?"
"because.... I just feel I have to."
"I just feel like I know nothing about you." you looked at your coffee, a sad smile appeared. right, you knew nothing bout him. you just blindly welcomed him when he asked your name, asked you for a date, asked you to be his girl. you could feel your eyes covered with water, your tears.
".....and knowing that you have a perfect ex just....." you couldn't finish it as you took a deep breathe, no, you won't cry. not now. Chanyeol moved and sat beside you, he pulled you closer you, it felt so warm.
"I'm sorry." he whispered to you and it was like he said sorry because he still love Sulli, tears blurred your sight. it just... hurt you.
"I should tell you, since the day I asked you to be mine." 'yes, you should tell me I'm just your-so-called-girlfriend because Sulli left you' you thought. you pulled yourself, made the distance from him.
"Al, don't cry." he was going to touch you but you made a gesture to stop him and he stopped.
"I'm ok. you should just go for her." you said calmly, it tore off your heart but well, not every relationship went well. not yours.
Chanyeol got shocked "what?"
"you should go for her and get her back, Chanyeol."
Chanyeol couldn't held it anymore, he laughed loudly. he pulled you closer, hugged you, kissed your forehead
"you're sure misunderstanding everything." Chanyeol smiled and ruffled your hair.
"ssshh, I don't love you because Sulli left me, Al" he paused, placed another kiss on your cheek
"I just fell for you for the way you are. I feel sorry because I haven't told you anything bout me, my friends, my ex, my life because I was the one who kept flooding you with questions. it's because I'm too curious bout you. I just don't give you any chance to know me that made you feel you're being used."
"right?" he asked and you innocently nodded. he laughed, drowning you into his arms, protectively put both his hands on your waist
"I love you" he snuggled into your neck and damn it, you let out a soft moan.
and in seconds, he already pulled you out of the cafe "we surely have to solve one more thing, Al" he winked and smirked, by then you knew things would be better (maybe?) as you nodded not knowing how naughty he is